The Never-Ending Journey To Orgasm

Author :- Aish Jan. 30, 2021, 5:03 p.m.
The Never-Ending Journey To Orgasm

In a relationship, both men and women take quite a while to work their way up to experience orgasm. Sometimes it may be situational, If you’re drunk, languid, pre-occupied by emotional stress, or taking any antidepressant medication, it may take longer than usual.

Usually, people enjoy having sex with someone who can last for a long time. But lasting long in bed doesn’t need to be pleasurable, it can be a sign of a medical condition that the person is not aware of. People experiencing this situation may engender self-doubt and relationship conflicts. Let's talk about the keys to have a better orgasmic journey.


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Lubrication is the key element to increase sexual pleasure during sex. It enhances the pleasure of the sensual touch of a person and reduces pain. The use of lubrication makes sex more sloppy and passionate. Silicon-based lubricants or natural oils are the most preferred and commonly used lubricants that trigger the release of dopamine. 

Solo Sex 

Try to indulge yourself in self-pleasure more frequently and intensely.  It teaches what turns you on and to organize yourself, sometime self-pleasure may involve the use of synthetic tools like vibrators and dildos. As you indulge in solo sex more often, the frequency of masturbation to climax increases and so does your ability to have orgasms with partners. 

Limit Alcohol 

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People have this perception that consumption of alcohol before sex makes their intercourse more intense, that's not true. Consumption of alcohol only ignites heat in the body which makes a person more active in bed. Sometimes alcohol acts as mood-altering drugs, which people take to make them feel happy. Sex after consuming alcohol doesn’t need to be vague, but optimum pleasure is absent. 

Embrace Happiness 

Happiness is the sole element that cures all diseases. Happiness involves the mental wellbeing of a person, a sound mind with a sound body. Without embracing happiness no matter what a person will do he or she will not enjoy sex and reach its climax. A happy mind will embrace every moment of pleasure and sensation and will live the moment to its fullest. 

Meditate and Relax 

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Before indulging in sex try to relax and calm your mind it will help you in focusing on what you are doing and you will be in the moment. Stress interferes with sex, it's a mood killer. People suffering from stress do not often engage in sex and even if they are involved they are not fully present. Practice yoga daily, meditate, and try to incorporate a stress-management regimen in daily life. 

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