The Meaning of Foreplay & its Importance

Author :- Chetana Chaudhury Feb. 23, 2021, 11:03 a.m.
The Meaning of Foreplay & its Importance

One can't neglect the much exciting phase of our lives where we grow sexually; we experiment with our sexual desires, concerns. Here we are to clear the dust around a less talked about topic and the first step that we take or miss (maybe, who knows?) to reach the pleasurable act of sex i.e. Foreplay. Sex is a huge component of our hunt for happiness. If we don’t speak about sex, we think about it a lot. And amongst that, foreplay is obscure. Sex without foreplay is like a song's chorus without introduction.

What is Foreplay?

This act usually comes before intercourse, it's mostly said or this is how people perceive foreplay to be. But here to clear this myth, there is no hard and fast rule as to when a person should play around, in and out. Sex is an act of comfort and convenience; it's a mix of foreplay, play, and after play. But let's not forget that sex must include 'foreplay'. 

A couple playing around, could be called as foreplay
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Doing anything that's sexually arousing helps a lot in lubrication which is ultimately a sign that one is ready for further actions; natural lube boosts up the mood and creates a positive atmosphere for the two partners to get involved. Dry sex is painful, emotionally upsetting, and unsatisfying, and makes it virtually impossible that’s why foreplay is important. 

Like fuel activates the engine in a vehicle. This activity activates the body muscles by making them aroused; it prepares it with a sudden flow of blood across body parts and heart which makes sex more enjoyable. Foreplay is also "about building an emotional connection" and feel secure connecting that deeply.  Foreplay can be the best part of the lovemaking experience, only if you are conscious and alert in what and how you are doing things with your partner or even with one's own body. 

How does good foreplay lead to good sex?

A couple during a foreplay session
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Helps to be in the moment

The feeling is a key factor in accessing pleasure. Where does my mind go during sex? Am I present in the interaction? Or focused elsewhere and easily distracted? Ask yourself these essential questions before getting into someone else. Foreplay always creates space to think attentively and bring you more close to your feelings. 

Prolong Sex

For those who want to last longer and have sex for hours, this act could help them add to the scene then you can get all the pleasure you want for as much time you want if you keep it going. So along with the main act, stretch your foreplay a bit more. 

Creates a stronger bond

The pleasure of foreplay creates a bond between the couple that makes them a team. One can even experience orgasm by just getting involved in it. Anything that supports your partner's general sense of relaxation goes a long way. It creates a time where lust builds stronger and brews up.

The longer the better

Not enough foreplay can lead to lack of contact with one's sexual energy, low libido, insecurity, lack of connection to the body, relationship issues, and more such broad constraints. Staying as in-the-moment as possible, taking delight in pleasure and the sensations you're both feelings are very important.

Improves Comfort Level

It often lowers the insecurities of the other person and increases comfort levels; there’s a reason why most people call it art! One can master that through patience. If you put in the hard work during the early stages, you’ll both be satisfied in the end. In the long term, adding this to your lovemaking process will help you maintain a long-term relationship.

Many women have suggested that a good amount of foreplay has made their sex less painful. The reason being foreplay lights up the “pleasure centers” present in different parts of the brain. 

These are some of the reasons foreplay is a must. Do let us know your thoughts with us on Twitter/Instagram.

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