The Amazing Health Benefits Of Semen

Author :- Kristopher Lovestone June 10, 2020, 9:52 a.m.
The Amazing Health Benefits Of Semen

Semen (cum, jizz, ejaculate, sperm) is horribly misunderstood!  Not only is it the very stuff of creation (means “seed” in latin), but it also contains at least 50 known ingredients that combine to make a veritable multivitamin, antidepressant & mood-elevator all in one.

Semen contains > 50 known ingredients that combine to make a veritable multivitamin & antidepressant all in one.

Like Ecstacy & an Anti-Depressant

Think of it like ecstasy with 100% organic all natural nutritional supplements! It contains:

  • estrone – protects the heart & brain
  • prolactin – increases breast size & nurturing behaviors in women
  • thyrotropin-releasing hormone – an antidepressant that reduces anxiety, improves memory & weight loss
  • prostaglandins – help fight infection & repair tissue
  • cortisol – gives a quick energy boost
  • spermine – diminishes wrinkles, smoothes skin & reduces aging
  • phosphorylcholine – enhances memory
  • melatonin – boosts your immune system & helps you to sleep well at night
  • endorphins – create feelings of euphoria
  • dopamine – improves motivation & energy
  • serotonin – boosts libido, reduces depression & balances moods
  • oxytocin – aka the “love hormone”, “cuddle chemical” & “bliss hormone” because it creates feelings of love, relaxation, trust & psychological stability!

Wow that a lot of amazing benefits!…but to reap them, you have to absorb the semen…and the vagina is super-absorbent to all of these compounds (also the anus & the mouth are absorbent, but a bit less so)!  Scientific studies indicate that women who take sperm into their bodies are happier & less depressed than women who don’t get any of the benefits of semen because they use condoms!

Can Contain STDs & STIs

Of course, you need to understand that semen can contain sexually transmitted diseases or infections, so if you are not 100% sure that you or your partner is STD free, then don’t play with the semen!  Infections can be passed through any mucous membrane like the eyes & nose (so no facials!) and also through the mouth, vagina & anus, & any outer skin if there is a cut or abrasion. If in doubt, go get tested!

But if you have a relationship where you are sure that you won’t pass infections, & you aren’t concerned about preventing pregnancy because you are using birth control or want to get pregnant, then bring on the ecstasy!

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