The 12 Reasons You Need Sex Accessories ASAP

Author :- Sexual Revelation March 1, 2021, 6:51 a.m.
The 12 Reasons You Need Sex Accessories ASAP

Toys are meant to be played with right? Playing is fun. Thus playing with a sex toy is fun. Sex toys are and a new level of fun to sex, and can definitely make things interesting. Have you ever imagined taking yourself to that desired orgasm with those sex accessories that intensify orgasm? Have you been thinking of the reason for sex toys? Every adult should be a proud owner of sex toys and accessories. If you haven’t tried one, then you are missing a whole lot!

Daily, we talk about sex and hold discussions with our friends. We talk about who we are doing it with, how often we are doing it, how long it lasts, how to improve our bedroom games, how to satisfy our partners, and so on. But the use of sex accessories or toys remains one point we often turn blind eye to.

However, with the popular movie Fifty Shades, sex toys have become a basic sexual need and culture. Unlike before, the audience who wouldn’t ordinarily go for sex toys is purchasing a various range of sex toys daily not just for sole pressure but with their partners. Online shopping has also made it easy for you to stock up on the sex toy of your choice, anytime. Yes! There are enough reasons you need sex accessories, we have tried bringing some of them to you.

12 Reasons why you should get sex accessories today

There is an unpopular opinion that women are the only ones who need or use sex toys basically for masturbation. However, it has been shown that males need sex toys as well as women. And toys are not used solely for masturbation.   Here are the reasons you need sex accessories.

1. Helps you discover your body

When it comes to understanding your body, a sex toy is a perfect tool. There is no better way to discover what exactly works for you than sex toys. Using these toys, you will get to know what turns you on, how to stimulate your G-spot, and most importantly how to have that mind-blowing orgasm you desire. Some studies suggest that masturbation decreases the risk of prostate cancer in men, and eases body aches and menstrual cramps. It also guarantees great sleep.

2. Takes the pressure away

Pressure comes in when orgasm becomes hard to achieve especially for females. Research made by the Kinsey Institute shows that 70 percent of women achieve orgasm by some sort of clitoral stimulation. The extra help from a vibrator or any other sex accessories takes the pressure away from you and your partner.

3. Gives you orgasm

The pleasure from the use of sex accessories comes in different ways. For women who find it difficult to achieve orgasms, sex toys can come in handy. The partner can use a vibrator to add sensations and stimulations which the mouth and tongue cannot give. Sybian and vibrators are powerful gadgets to help stimulate more pleasure and subsequently an orgasm. Sex accessories give you the right assistance and there won’t be a need for her to fake orgasms.

4. Different sensation

The human sex organ is on a scale and sex toys are on another scale. However, both are not being weighed, they come with different sensations. Though toys cannot complete with the real thing, the pleasure it gives is different. She likes to be spanked but sometimes your palm may hurt so buy a whip. Your fingers or penis cannot vibrate so get her a vibrator. Thus, the real thing and the accessories all serve different purposes.

5. Sets the ground for sexual discussions

Sex talks and discussions are very important for couples. It helps you understand your partner better. Conversations about the kind of sex accessories you will need in bed will create room for further discussion on sexual performance, needs, and desires.

6. Knows the right places

Sometimes, it is difficult to stimulate the mind and body at the same time. Because sex accessories are specifically created to enhance sexual pleasure, this is where they step in. Due to their design, they hit the right pleasure spots and reduce the workload on couples.

7. Breaks the boredom

When the same thing is repeated over and over again, it becomes boring. Bringing sex accessories as a third party into your bedroom can break the monotony. Toys are fun, and trust me they are a whole lot of kinky stuff you can do within them. Vibrators, anal plugs, ropes, restraints, paddles, whips, electro-stimulation toys, blindfolds, and clamps, which are gender-neutral, can increase pleasure.

8. Makes room for exploration

Sex accessories are the proper place to head to if you want to explore. Bedroom exploration opens the door to new pleasures you never knew you could experience. It creates a sexual bond between partners.

The beautiful thing is that they are various sex accessories to serve your needs; butt plugs for those wanting to try anal sex, remote control toys (through which your partner can control you from across the room or globe), dildos are great when a woman want oral sex, and accessories for BDSM including ropes, handcuffs, blindfolds, whips, nipple clamps, and gag ball.

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9. Help you live your fantasies

If you have always being curious about a few positions or wanting to engage in role-playing; a schoolgirl, a house girl, a police officer, a superhero, a school teacher, some priests, then purchasing sex accessories is the best way to satisfy your curiosity. Buy a suitable accessory today and get your fantasies into the real world.

10. Mutual masturbation

While masturbation is healthy, it is also educational. Have you ever watched your partner masturbate right in front of you while you do the same? Try it. Masturbating using sex toys in front of your partner can serve as great foreplay. It also helps to show your partner what works for you.

11. Creates a bonding experience

Hey! Shopping with your partner doesn’t end in shoes and clothing, extend it to sexy accessories. Picking up accessories together helps you decide what works for both of you and which accessory to purchase. Speak to the salesperson if you are confused, as he can lead you in the right direction.

12. Enhances intimacy

Women are not the only ones who benefit from having a sex toy in the bedroom. A man can get his kicks by watching his woman use a sex toy. This could encourage effective performance and pleasure. He could try out a male sex toy too.

In Conclusion

Sex toys are not an alternative and it’s time people stop seeing them as such. It is not a single guys or ladies thing, couples can use it as well can

Do yourself some good, get sex accessories today, explore, experiment, and live your fantasies. Talk to your partner and bring all that kinkiness into your bedroom.

Remember, sex accessories are designed to help you have more fun under the sheets, so have fun!

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