Ten Steamy Sex Tips

Author :- Dr. Trina Read Aug. 1, 2020, 1:33 p.m.
Ten Steamy Sex Tips

Try some steamy suggestions for making your relationship and sex life sizzle in the bedroom.

Here are my ten steamy sex tips.

Let Your Fingers 'Do The Talking'

Allow your fingers to roam over, as yet, uncharted erogenous zones. Sex research shows we tend to always touch our partners in the same places. Surprise them as you run your finger tips a bit further down and around their sensitive areas.

Change Sex Tactics

If you always caress your partner with your left hand then use your right hand instead. It will feel like they are being touched by someone new. It might mean shifting from one side of the bed to another but well worth the effort.

Don't Keep Your Racy Fantasies to Yourself

Fantasies are meant for sharing. Always start with caution and keep it tame. As you admit to fantasizing about finding them lying naked on the beach you can ratchet up the temperature as they respond positively.

Relocated Your Position

Sex Researchers find most couples settle into their favorite one or two positions. This can become boring even if no one says so. For instance, it's easy to slip from 'spoons'--both of you lying on your sides with the man behind to--to 'doggy' style by helping her turn onto her hands and knees.

The Language of Love

It's often more about your sex sounds--making moans and groans--than actually speaking. If your feeling shy to say what you would like, sigh and moan when they're doing something right to keep them doing it more.

Talk Dirty

There's a big difference between flirty and dirty--as with doing anything new start slowly. From saying something flirty like, "you're gorgeous", take it tot the next level and specify exactly which part of them you find most gorgeous--legs, breasts, bum, etc. Step by step increase the detail of what you say.

Play Detective

Find out what your partner would really like you to do.

Touch and caress them in one erogenous zone and ask if it feels good. When you get a "yes" try another move, maybe adding in a bit of oral stimulation, and ask if that "feels even better".

Keep going as you map out their likes and dislikes.

Change Location

You're snuggled up in front of the television and it's the perfect time to change 'location'. Most couples end up in bed when they could have just as much fun grabbing a few cushions and a soft blanket and enjoying some 'sitting room sex'.

Get Rude With Food

Why not have a mini-feast in bed? Don't leave that half-finished bottle of Kahlua or Malibu sitting around--why not drizzle it down each other's bodies to gently taste. Non-drinkers can try good old-fashioned jam, chocolate sauce, yogurt or whipped cream.

Play A Guessing Game

Blindfold your partner and have them guess what you're touching them with--your finger, your tongue, or even nuzzling them with your nose. A great way to have a giggle.