Spiritual Sex: Stop Ejaculating, Start Injaculating

Author :- Mehdi Moosvi May 17, 2021, 5:55 p.m.
Spiritual Sex: Stop Ejaculating, Start Injaculating

Sex is always about experimenting and discovering but if you’re fed up of reading the same book again and again then you’re just denying the fact that there’s more to read in the library.

Every time you’re in the sheets, it feels nothing more than warm human flesh bodies rubbing with each other to make you cum, (which barely lasts ten minutes)thus snatching away the possibilities of everlasting sexual satisfaction.

But hey, sex has much more to offer than the modern sex model which is orgasm-oriented and only guarantees external pleasure. Yes, we’re talking about the ancient practice of spiritual sex! But how come sex and spirituality are interlinked? (Are you underestimating the power of sex?)

In fact, sex and spirituality have always been together ever since the beginning of human consciousness and later practiced by ancient cultures such as the Greek, Roman civilizations and in ancient India when sex was considered a sacred healing tool and not a sin, where people came together to practice it as an act to not just experience genital orgasms but to explore much greater psychedelic realms of the cosmic energies through the inward flow of sexual energies to heighten theirs and their partner’s spiritual development and to expand their consciousness along with a soul-shattering orgasm lasting longer than the modern sex model (which is animalistic and short) and of course to make love as well.

In ancient Indian Vedic literature it can be found that how sacred the ‘Yoni’ (Vagina or feminine energy) and the ‘Lingam’ (Penis or masculine energy) are as they are considered as the center of the spiritual energy inflow in a human body. It is also symbolized that together they symbolize the creation of the Brahman (Cosmos).

The practice of spiritual sex has seen some major changes over the years, as it is now taught by Tantric Gurus just like a Yoga or Meditation instructor. The Tantric gurus teach this form to people by inculcating ancient practices along with their own methods and learning. But you need to visit a Tantric guru if you wish to practice Tantric sex where they’ll teach you Tantra (an ancient Indian practice that merges sex and spirituality).

And you might end up spending a hefty amount for one professional session. Though talking of spiritual sex, you need no guru to introduce yourself to this practice, this ain’t no rocket science. There are certain ways and methods through which couples or even people who are single can introduce themselves to this practice (yes, but singles would need to help themselves).

How to get there?

Before we talk about the beginners guide to Spiritual Sex we have to keep a few things in mind-

  • Do not expect immediate results, as the more you practice it the more you’re there.
  • Spiritual Sex is a practice which involves deep emotions and intensity, when practiced correctly it can heal the wounded by making them overcome shame, trauma and blocks around sex.
  • Practice this act with a partner with whom you connect the most and who understands the need of practicing this as much as you do.

The act

Getting ready- Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Give yourself some time and tell yourself that you’re a higher spiritual being in a human body and the energies which reside in the universe, reside in you as well.

Behave in an uninhibited way and look at sex as a tool for your spiritual development and this sexual act can make me more connected with spiritual values like love, forgiveness, wisdom, compassion, equality and freedom.

Be here- It is of utmost importance for this act to take place most effectively is when you make yourself realize that consciousness is everything, consciousness is god and the present is the only truth of the universe before you unite with your beloved.

Creating the ambiance- Take a bath and clean yourself thoroughly, use fragrant soaps and oils and dress up in sacred linen loose clothes, like a robe. Decorate your room in such a way that it helps in the elevation of all of your senses.

Light up incense sticks, use oil lamps or candles, sprinkle the bed with fragrant flowers like rose petals, set up a light music atmosphere (I suggest listening to an Indian raga on a sitar tune or some organic music), place a bowl full of fresh fruits.

Uniting- Sit with your partner and hold each other’s hands and take deep breathes as you synchronize with your partner’s breathing, make eye contact with them.

Look at your partner as a divine being and elevate them to the highest in your heart, set your intentions for your partner as sacred and not for physical pleasure.

Begin with using sandalwood oil, lie down, and let your partner pour the oil first on your forehead, on your chest, and then on your genitals, now let your partner massage you beginning from your forehead to your genitals (be gentle and tender), while keeping in mind to not let you ejaculate. (Do the same exercise to your partner now).

Sit upright with your partner facing each other, make your genitals touch with your partner’s, if you’re a person with a penis then practice edging or dry-humping where you rub your penis to your partner's genitals without penetration and back-off before an orgasm.

Now you both can experiment with other positions while going slow and following your sexual intuition, but remember to not fall into the trap of desire, and your focus should be deep penetrated in your partner’s eyes and not on your genital stimulation.

Climax- After you’re done experiencing the long journey enjoy the nerve-shaking orgasm and channelize its powerful sexual energy inwards, emerging from your genitals and going straight towards your heart. The giver of this energy to you is your sacred partner.

Aftercare- Engage in caressing your partner after this act, now you’ve reached your destination and it was always here where you wanted to be. Feed your partner with fruits or with dark chocolate with your hands.

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