Soulmate Relationships Aren’t All Meant to be Happily Ever After

Author :- Martha Tara Lee June 24, 2021, 6:27 a.m.
Soulmate Relationships Aren’t All Meant to be Happily Ever After

Recalling from years ago… my marriage was on the rocks.

Psychic: “… You have to leave him or you will lose everything including everything you worked so hard for (aka my practice). In the end… he will still be unfaithful to you… you will lose your mind… leave him. You have to leave him by this year…. Don’t bring this to next year.”

Me: “What about him? Who will take care of him?”

Psychic: (I could energetically sense her rolling her eyes as she said this) “Somebody else will take care of him… He will find somebody else.”

And herein lies the problem with people who stay in toxic relationships: they tend to be naturally loving and giving people (and targeted for this trait). In their need to be needed or need to give, they worry more about the well being and future of the toxic person than for themselves.

As her words sunk in, it dawned on me that I was disposable: “If not me, somebody else” (my own interpretation). I realised I was standing in his way to his next willing victim, and I had to leave to save my sanity, practice, and soul.

We were soulmates. We had a psychic connection, but it was still toxic. I was increasingly as negative and depressed as he was constantly. Using my heart not my head wasn’t working out for me in this life. He was psychological abusive, unwilling and determined to never change or grow.

I didn’t leave because of what the psychic said. I left because I knew I had to.

Leaving him broke my heart – but saved my life.

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