Should women carry a condom?

Author :- Revathi V Gopal Dec. 3, 2020, 6:40 a.m.
Should women carry a condom?

India is a country with a rich history of sex. It is a land that embraced the act of sex through literature and sculptures for centuries. For many decades, people view discussions on sex and conversations related to sex as taboos. Condoms are essential factors in ensuring birth control and reducing the chances of contracting STDs or RTIs. Though men don't confront many difficulties in buying condoms, women often have reservations about purchasing them. So, should women carry a condom? Can we buy them? Does that make me needy?

These are a bunch of questions that haunt most of us in India and other parts of the world.

The simple answer is that women can buy a condom and carry them.

Most women evade purchasing condoms because of the unbearable gazes and the awkward smiles they have to face. Most of them don't carry a condom because it makes men feel that they are needy or easy. The first essential factor to consider is that sex is a basic human need, like food and water. There is nothing wrong with satisfying our wants. It is a part of our life!

Around 90% of us accept that men can carry condoms with them. It is when women have them, people decide to judge them and take them down the lane of shame. Having a condom in your bag or purchasing them is a sign of responsibility. It also shows the regard you have for your sexual well being as well as safety.

Why should women carry a condom?

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Women should carry a condom for different reasons. However, most women, because of their reservations and hesitations, avoid purchasing condoms. Though there are a plethora of voices emphasizing empowering women as a necessity, not many prioritize the significance of safe sex and the need to carry a condom. 

Condoms are not just protective gears.

They can relieve you from the anxiety of unwanted pregnancies. Though premarital sex and upholding virginity are concepts that play a pivotal role in our societies, women, akin to men, have the right to have safe sex. Along with that, in India, the rate of adolescent pregnancies is high. It is because of the lack of sex education and lack of awareness on birth control measures like condoms.

Condoms make you responsible and not needy.

 Most women in India find it uncomfortable to speak openly about their sexual needs and experiences. Most of us find it hard to purchase or carry condoms due to our social norms. The myth of women, who have condoms with them as needy, gross, and slutty, have to be removed. Having a condom with you depicts that you care about yourself and your partner's sexual health. It has to make you feel safe and comfortable rather than being judged for taking care of yourself!

Condoms as barriers against STDs and RTIs

 Many people confront Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV and Chlamydia, as well as Reproductive Tract Infections. It is because they take part in unprotected sex. The diseases caused by STDs and RTIs can even lead to cancer and infertility. Condoms can protect you from contracting these diseases. These are protective measures that can ensure safe sex. Most people in India, due to a lack of sex education, are unaware of the consequences of unprotected sex. You can avoid STDs, STIs, and RTIs by using a condom while engaging in sexual intercourse.

You can always go for male condoms or female condoms based on your convenience!

It is essential to know what goes into your body!

When a woman decides to purchase and carry a condom for herself, she knows what goes into her body. It is essential because the usage of condoms that have passed their expiry dates can cause health issues. It is also a better option because you can avoid any chances of irritation that might happen due to the use of a different product.

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Women must consider carrying a condom with them for safety and sexual well-being. You can always opt for female-friendly condoms that are much more comfortable to take around. Condoms are better than several birth controls available in the market. You can use them with birth control measures as well for extra protection. 

Carrying a condom with you doesn't mean that you are asking for sex. It is a simple way of presenting that you embrace sex, and you prefer it to be safe as well as protected.

So should women carry a condom?

The answer is definitely YES!

Why don't we start a much-needed change and break the stigmas?

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