Sexy in the Mirror

Author :- Wellcelium April 16, 2021, 7:56 p.m.
Sexy in the Mirror

Masturbating in the mirror is a powerful modality that takes a brave and courageous heart, but offers the potential for deep healing.

I’ve done this meditation a number of times, and each time am surprised by that moment when my own beauty takes my breath away. Practice today included gazing at myself in the mirror as I masturbated.

It is interesting… I always find it hot to watch myself touch myself.

I even have a mirror at the end of my bed so I can do it. But I rarely choose to use it! Today, I sat up in my bed, and I used the mirror to heighten my own engagement with my touch, really focusing on following the movement of my hands as I brought a lover’s touch to my body.

I enjoyed watching my face (and sometimes felt slightly self-conscious.) I did notice that as arousal grew, I wanted to close my eyes and sink into the experience, and staying present to my visual experience was a challenge.

Since orgasm is an internal experience for the most part in the body I have, I relied on visual cues as well as physical ones to track the onset of climax.

My face started to shift, my shoulders and belly would tense, and then I would deliberately relax them. I played with kegels, and watched how doing them in an aroused state rippled through my entire body.

When I came, I kept my eyes open as much as possible, and watched my face as my head tilted back, and my mouth opened. I was surprised by how quick the orgasm was… when I am not watching they seem much longer. One of my favorite parts was watching my body as it settled from the onset of orgasm, and I moved and undulated with the waves of it.

It feels vulnerable to watch myself in this way, and to allow myself to see my own pleasure. But I like it, too.

I like the permission I see in my eyes.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How do you get aroused? What turns you on?
  • What are you most curious about in your sexuality?
  • What would it be like to experiment with something new?

Suggested practice

Most of us have familiar pathways to arousal that are well-worn. Often, we’ve been getting turned on in the same way since we began exploring our sexuality years ago. You may wish to consider broadening your repertoire, or at least experimenting with other options, or deepening into the practice you already have.

Consider these ways folks get aroused and if you want to experiment with any of them:

  • Fantasy
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Reading erotica
  • Sexting with a partner
  • Self-touch
  • Receiving touch
  • Watching porn
  • Sensual massage
  • Erotic teasing
  • Listening to sexy stories
  • Talking dirty
  • Role play
  • Specific physical sensations like textures
  • Temperatures and their impact
  • Warm baths or showers
  • Massagers or vibrators
  • Shopping for fetish items
  • Engaging in fetish behavior
  • Wearing sexy clothes
  • Not wearing underwear in public
  • And thousands of other ways!

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