Self-Pleasure and Sleep Better

Author :- The Secret Submissive Feb. 17, 2021, 6:53 a.m.
Self-Pleasure and Sleep Better

A restless night’s sleep can ruin your mood and your day. Tiredness often exacerbates overthinking and can affect even simple decision-making, adding unnecessary stress to your day. It’s difficult to cut negative emotions and stress can therefore linger into the evening, effectively disrupting another peaceful night’s sleep! The cycle can seem endless. There are many causes for sleeplessness and I would always advise seeking professional care if you sense a worrying change to your body; however, if you feel like your broken sleep-pattern is the result of a lack of self-care, you may wish to try my intimate, self-pleasure tips for a good night’s sleep.

Treat your Body

treat your body for self pleasure
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Start your evening of sensual self-care with a hot and steamy bath or shower. Take the time to make this a luxurious experience and indulge in bath products that excite your senses. As you lather and wash each part of your body, notice how soft your skin feels and enjoy the sensation of being caressed and touched. Before you rinse, take advantage of the soapy slipperiness and work for your hands over your erogenous zones. Touch, squeeze, rub or draw your nails over your skin; play with pressure and tease your body for as long as you can manage. Savor the pleasure but do not allow yourself to orgasm just yet. As the foamy suds wash away, visual any stressful thoughts draining through your body and seeping out through your toes. Watch as they circle the drain and exit for the day.

Soothe your Muscles

I recently reviewed a Cordless Wand Massager sex toy and before using it for masturbation, I used it as a massager! As well as continuing to build upon the feeling of pleasure that we started during bathing, the vibrations will penetrate your muscles and soothe any aches and pains that may restrict a good night’s sleep. Glide the massager over your torso and limbs first, before paying closer attention to the sexy and sensitive parts of your body. Again, if you can do so, give yourself plenty of time to embrace the sensations and let the pleasure bubble and boil within. Teasing and edging to climax will helps me to achieve a more powerful final release and, therefore, leaving me ready to sleep.

Feed your Imagination

feed your imagination for self pleasure
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One of the key pieces of advice for restless sleepers is to avoid technology and I agree, to an extent. If you’re used to watching porn to climax as quickly as possible, it’s time to switch your mindset. View your self-pleasure experience like lovemaking and put on some calming music or treat yourself to some audio erotica. Close your eyes and get lost in the story or the lyrics as you touch yourself and masturbate, slowly. Try to visualize the sensations and explore your body and what feels good. Instead of beginning with a powerful sex toy, start manually and use a vibrator to finish, if you want to.

By creating a sleep routine around the concept of self-pleasuring, you’re caring for your mind and body and helping to set yourself up for a more relaxed evening and, ultimately, a better night’s sleep. Don’t let stress get the better of you; masturbate your way to a sound slumber!

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