Russell Stambaugh on Sex in the time of Corona

Author :- Shakun June 10, 2020, 9:55 a.m.
Russell Stambaugh on Sex in the time of Corona

As we practice social distancing due to outbreak of COVID-19 we are continuously cautioned against social and physical contact. There are questions on our minds regarding sex in the middle of this pandemic. Is it possible to practice safe sexual behaviour? The truth of the matter is that social distancing behaviours recommended by public health authorities pose a severe challenge to those who crave the physical intimacy of sex. 

Let us hear what clinical psychologist, Russell Stambaugh has to say as he guides us through practising sexuality and feeding our desires in the midst of this pandemic. In this environment, it is risky to seek out new partners as it is hard to evaluate their medical history, interact and build trust before engaging in sexual activity.  

Stambaugh recommends practising R.A.C.K. — Risk Aware Consensual Kink. He uses it in context to Risk Aware Consensual Sexual Practices where one evaluates the risks involved with engaging in sexual behaviour during this outbreak. This evaluation involves your health, the possibility that your partner is carrying the virus, the willingness to risk contracting the virus for that activity, etc. 

In these times, he suggests many ways to get creative with pleasure at a distance. Porn, teledildonics, phone sex and reading erotica as ways of preserving some of your pleasure when your favourite activities are too unsafe to engage in. Give yourself permission to try to preserve as much pleasure, touch, sensuality and fun as you can.   

There is so much to know about how to continue to explore your sexuality amidst this COVID-19  outbreak. Find out the risks involved, possible precautions while engaging in sex, creative ways to explore your sexuality, how to decide if it is safe to sexually engage with a partner and more as we talk to Russell Stambaugh.