Possible Reasons for Condom Failure

Author :- Aish March 26, 2021, 9:42 a.m.
Possible Reasons for Condom Failure

Condoms can be a preventive tool in preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitting diseases if they are properly used. No matter how good a condom is, if it is not used correctly there is no point in using it. In recent research, it was found that condom use errors are more common than what was thought before. 

"We chronically underestimate how complicated condom use can be," University of Kentucky professor Richard Crosby, who co-authored the study, said in a statement. "It involves the use of a condom while negotiating the condom use and sex with a partner all at the same time."

According to the World Health Organization, proper use of condoms have a success rate of 98 percent in preventing pregnancy. However, the rate of unwanted pregnancy with condoms is around 15 percent.

The condom was not stored at the right temperature

People tend to store their belongings casually whether it may be perishable items or their medicines. And storing a condom is one of them. Storing of a condom does not require any rocket science, it is just that we never end up reading the usage methods provided on the packet. Like male latex condoms should be kept away from moisture and humidity and extreme temperatures (above 40 °C or 104 °F). 

Storing of condoms does not only involve a controlled environment, but it is important to know that it should be kept away from pointed things and chemically hazardous stuff. Exposure to any one of them can pose harmful results.

Wrong lubrication

One of the most common mistakes people make while having sex, is they use wrong lubrication with condoms. Not every combination of lubrication works with condoms, about 4.7 percent of men and 3.2 percent of women reported this error. Sometimes application of wrong lubrication does more harm than good it can even cause itching on the sensitive organ of the body.

There are 4 types of lubrication to use with condom Water, Silicone, Oil, and Natural based lubrication all these lubrications have their own specific characteristic, so not every condom is compatible with every condom. In about 4.1 percent of sexual events, people used oil-based lubrication with latex condom, which can degrade the condom. 

Failing to leave a reservoir

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Failing to leave a reservoir for the semen is a common mistake people make while having sex. Depending upon the study between 24.3 percent and 45.7 percent of respondents claimed to encounter this mistake. Leaving sufficient space for the reservoir is very important for the proper collection of semen, if proper space is not maintained at the tip of the condom the reservoir can also break due to the extended pressure of sperm ejaculation.

No lubrication

Lubrication is a key ingredient for having great and safe sex, as it tends to increase pleasure senses and make intercourse smooth. The purpose of applying lubrication is to reduce friction between the penis and vagina, it also helps in reducing friction when a person is applying a condom. It is very necessary to use a lubricant compatible with the condom because without lubrication there is a high possibility that a condom will tear up in the middle of sex.

It is very important to apply the right kind of lubrication with a condom because the wrong type of lubrication will be going to damage the condom and can cause itching on the skin.

Manufacturing defects

It is necessary to purchase a condom from a very reliable source or maker you could trust. Condoms manufactured by the local manufacturers are very unreliable and might end up being your worst mistake, they might be not manufactured according to proper standards and quality. There is no guarantee that these condoms will survive intense thumping or prevent sexually transmitted diseases of intercourse. They can tear very easily and can even cause infection and irritations if they are made from poor quality material.

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