Pleasure Leads to Profit - Self Study Online Course

Author :- Gaia Morrissette June 10, 2020, 9:33 a.m.
Pleasure Leads to Profit - Self Study Online Course

In this 7 class self study online course, we will dig deep into the relationships between Pleasure, Profit, Productivity.

"The Pleasure to Profit class I attended was filled with amazing and easy to use tools. It is rare for me to be in a class where O am totally enthusiastic about the homework....or should I call it play. Gaia's vulnerability and presence made it so easy to be open and allow all us to be able to change what we were there to change and embrace and choose a more succulent, profitable life!"

Milica ,Marmora, ON

When I say the word “Pleasure,” what first thoughts pop into your head?
Does your body feel any sensations?

When I say “Pleasure, Profit and Productivity,” now what first thoughts
pop into your head?
Did your body experience any sensations?

If any of your answers feel uncomfortable, awkward or just wrong, this course is for you.

Did you know that how you feel and think about pleasure and happiness is affecting your bottom line and overall success in your business and personal life? Here are some of the other ways it is AFFECTING your ability:

  • To make more money!
  • To creatively solve problems!
  • To handle stress in your personal and professional life!
  • To manage your physical health!
  • To develop and be creative to support business growth
  • To adapt with the needs of your target market
  • To have an abundance of energy and time

According to the American Psychological Association, studies on stress have found that 49% of males and 53% of females in America are overwhelmed by stress. They found that the top two stressors were money and work.

Studies prove that stress is a huge cause of physical illness, mental health concerns, unhappiness and low productivity. Studies have proven that one of the many benefits of daily pleasure moments is that it allows the body to be flooded with happy biochemicals that counter the stress effects in the body and mind. Don’t YOU want to figure out how to make pleasure a priority to help better your personal and professional life?

In this 7-class prerecorded self-study online course, with 4 one on one support sessions with Gaia , come explore the links between Pleasure, Profit and Productivity. Discovering the 3 P’s will allow you to sleep soundly knowing that you have all the time, energy and money you need and more. Did you know there are 3 different kinds and levels of pleasure, and only one of them is orgasmic pleasure? During the course, we will dig deep into how each kind of pleasure can affect your financial abundance, business growth and how much time and energy you can create in your life! When you become best friends and dance with pleasure, you are also able to hold space for creating and developing new products, courses and systems with ease and joy. Become an Ethical Pleasure Seeker.

  • Learn the different levels of pleasure and how each level affects your business success.
  • Discover the common barriers many people (even successful people) have around pleasure and what it takes to dissolve these barriers.
  • Explore the steps to becoming an ethical pleasure seeker and make the practical, tangible connections between having more pleasure and earning more income!

Your Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discover the 3 types of Pleasure and how each frequency supports different aspects of your life and business
  2. Dive into the 3 P’s: Pleasure, Profit and Productivity and explore how they work together
  3. Find out what your money and pleasure blockages are and how to move past them
  4. Receive tools to start releasing your money and pleasure blockages and keep them unblocked
  5. Create some business success goals and learn how to use pleasure to achieve them
  6. Become an ethical pleasure seeker
  7. See how you can have the life and business that you always dreamed of

Course details:

Investment: in Canadian dollars!!

  • $1297.00 includes
    • :Lifetime access to all 7 online classes ( 14 hours of videos) and any future bonus content and course upgrade
    • The course workbook and all course resources
    • 4 x 30 minute private one on one coaching with Gaia. Which is a must to help you move through this course! You have up to a year to use those 4 sessions

Can't wait to see you soon! Until then have a Profitable, Pleasure-Filled Day!

Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist Gaia Morrissette