Pleasure for Health - Coaching & Training

Author :- Ailsa Keppie June 30, 2020, 5:02 p.m.
Pleasure for Health - Coaching & Training


Ailsa Keppie is a somatic sex educator and coach. She has a diverse background and has been working in the field of hands-on bodywork and healing for over a decade. Ailsa works with people who feel disconnected from their joy, discover their ‘felt sense’ so that they can build self esteem, discover their erotic potential and build capacity for intimacy.

Ailsa hopes her clients connect energy and desire. She wants to help people build, hold and contain energy so that they can express and discharge them in a pleasurable way. Desire is knowing what you want and how to communicate it to yourself and your partner.

Ailsa says, “ Take the wisdom of the body and work with it. The body is the key. It helps us sense what we are feeling.” She works with physical and mental wellness techniques to help people connect with themselves and revive their pleasure through a healing experience. Ailsa believes that sexuality and sex is an exchange of energy with someone or something in the environment.

Ailsa talks about increased control over this energy and how to channelise it to fulfil desire and experience pleasure. Acknowledging this energy helps in all spheres to have a relational aspect with people. If one can be more aware of this exchange and our co-creative force, we can learn to take pleasure in this exchange. These beliefs are her grounds in founding her website, https://www.pleasureforhealth.com/.

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