Orgasmic Meditation: All About Mindfulness and Orgasms

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team July 29, 2021, 7:52 p.m.
Orgasmic Meditation: All About Mindfulness and Orgasms

The goal of orgasmic meditation is to allow people to experience a stimulating and mild rush of pleasure. Unlike penetration, reaching climax isn't the main goal here.

Orgasm meditation is a practice, not a sexual act. It is necessary to have a comfortable and safe environment for you to meditate. According to a report, orgasmic meditation can lead to mystical experiences for both partners.

Lulu Batista, our in-house sex-ed coach, said during our IGTV live, "The concept of this meditation is deep and has different layers to it. It will help you to know your body better. Through this meditation, you can feel the energy shifting between partners."

Orgasm Meditation and Foreplay

Orgasm meditation and foreplay are not the same things. While we engage in foreplay to achieve orgasm, orgasm meditation does not focus on that goal. The main goal of orgasm meditation is to feel the sensation. It requires you to turn your attention to the present moment. By turning your attention to the present moment, you can experience joy, pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment in orgasm meditation. 

One can understand the power of the clitoris through this meditation. Through this, those who have a clitoris could gain a better understanding of the body. For others, they could gain a better understanding of how it works.

Orgasmic Meditation and Sex

Oming is not like having sex. The purpose here is to feel and go into a meditative state. It is a focus training process. In this process, the person with the clitoris gets trained to focus on the feel, while the person who strokes pays attention to just one point of connection. 

How to Practice Orgasm Meditation?

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Orgasm meditation is a unique wellness practice. It combines mindfulness, touching, and pleasure. Focussing on the relationship between the fingers and clitoris is essential in this meditation. There are ten primary spots in the clitoris, and each spot has a sensation associated with it.

The rules in this meditation are nonviable. In these 15 minutes step-by-step sessions, the stroker remains fully clothed, wears a globe, and uses gloves. Whereas on the other hand, the stroke gets undressed from below the waist.

Oming includes your partner touching your clitoris for 15 minutes. The size of the clitoris is not the same for all. So, the stroke and pressure would vary from one to another. Some may have a large clitoris, and the upper-left quadrant is not in the same place for everyone. You can practice it from once a week to several times a day.

Lulu said, " While practicing this meditation, you have to clear the space. If possible, keep your electronic devices away. Lube is an important part of this process. There should not be any rush, and follow each other's breath. This meditation is a calming process. Make sure that the process is not forced. It's okay if you don't succeed in initial attempts, you can try again. It depends on the day, time, and your body. Do not hesitate to experience it as it will give you clarity about lots of things."

What are the Aims of Orgasmic Meditation?

Orgasmic meditation is powerful and provides an opportunity for self-growth. It is a journey of discovery where the pressure to reach climax doesn't exist. There are many flavors of orgasm, but most of us pay attention only to climax.

Oming focuses on sensations within the body. It can be performed alone by anyone with a vulva as well. This practice sets a goal for sensuality, allowing you to focus on how you want to feel in your own body.

The stroking does not guarantee the goal of orgasm. Hence, it helps to establish a deeper mind connection and helps to de-stress. It is a way to listen to your body and develops an intimate relationship with yourself.

The best sex begins with getting to know yourself and your bodily discovery. Practicing Oming can help you to explore and form a deeper connection with your partner. You can learn it on your own or through workshops and courses. However, it is highly subjective, and you have to ensure that orgasmic meditation is something that works for you before pursuing it. 

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