Mondays are best savored with Masturbation.

Author :- Chetana Chaudhury Oct. 20, 2020, 2:30 a.m.
Mondays are best savored with Masturbation.

Now you know after a tiring day at work and office when the first day of the week goes rough. Simply go and take off your pants, lay on your bed, shed the worry off your head, and don't have to look at the door of your home waiting for someone to come by. You know by now - 'No one can beat the play of your fingers and your vibrator.' 

Aren't Mondays the best for some dance on your bed, making things sweat, self-cooking, jump-ups in the bathtub and how can we forget lying garments on the floor, echoing of self pleasure-full moans in your room .. Mondays are always good for some solo play and 'me time' because you just cannot forget the weekend fun you had? If you ask me, I never want my weekends to end; my lethargy asks me to extend the enjoyment I was having on Saturday nights. I wish there could be an extension to our weekend where we can seek some more 'me time and privacy' without the worry of what we going to do in the office, Without the worry of setting our planners and making presentations.

Don't you feel the same? This tingling feeling in your stomach to have a one on one with yourself, where we can explore ourselves, our desires, moods, how we connect with our body elongates a bit more on Mondays as well because we haven't had enough on Sundays. And trust God's grace there is no one stopping you from doing what you want, from enjoying oneself! And while the holy scriptures may fear self-pleasure, thankfully science recognizes that masturbation is healthy for us, both physically and emotionally. 

So why not Tickle on Mondays and savor your Monday blues by putting some efforts into one's own body!? You can rock your world by honoring self-love in all of its glory!

"Mondays are best savored with masturbation." It's rightly said!

When we orgasm, and that yummy "love hormone"oxytocin releases into our bloodstream producing a sense of peace and well-being. And who among us doesn't need calmer and well-being in our lives, right? The good thing about masturbation is that you don't have to get dressed up for it. Sometimes I think I should suggest my friends who are not so happy with their partners, to ditch out the whole concept of dating and rely entirely on solo sex methods. 

Why not invest your efforts and energy into something which guarantees joy and fun? Girls and boys, what you think about this? Even if times are tough and you're enduring a terrible heartache or breakup, it's important to focus your anger on a vibrator, not another person. Try this out!

My humor is so dirty I could masturbate to it.

One of my aunt who once shared a funny incident with me that one night when she was using the vibrator after so long, after a point her body started trembling, her legs started getting stiff. This sudden urge of getting more pleasure somehow let her throw the vibrator and she started touching herself, exploring everywhere down through her hands. There isn’t any better thing than your fingers. She exclaimed, and how she experienced multiple orgasms in one go, with the combination of using the vibrator and self-exploring techniques. The best kind of sex is with a cup of ice cream but with oneself and with some lube of course!

Let’s face it: masturbation can get a little boring. We close the curtains, visit our go-to pornhub categories, sites find something agreeable on page however-long-it-takes-to-find-something, and get the job done. Is it all masturbation stands for? 

We need to change the way we look upon 'masturbation' - Is it just an act for you? Or is it a soul touching process to know more about your sexuality?  

The brain is your largest sex organ; people can learn to retrain their brain and body to feel pleasure in new ways. How you define things, will ahead define your life. The decision is yours - do you just want to pass off masturbation as a tool for exploration or a tool for self-love?  

A lot can happen when we are fully present for all of the sensations when we are fully aware of what we are doing with our body organs, each touch, pause, pressure on erotic zones. Touching your body all over erogenous zones to wake each area up. To pump up your skin with each 'ouch' & goosebumps! Let the blood flow and flush in all over your body, settle around your environment and space. Play with parts of your body that you usually leave untouched while fantasizing, watching porn, reading erotica, etc. Let the calm breezes flow across your face, take a deep breath, touch each inch leftover, feel, imagine how and what you are exploring and let this aromatic vibe sink in, gushing through your heartbeat and chest. 

When you have sex or solo play for just the sake of hitting the climax, it kills the joy; your idea of masturbation or having sex should never revolve around reaching orgasm. Mindful masturbation means approaching the experience with curiosity, openness, and non-judgment. Masturbation is to enjoy the process and not completely about reaching the result or destination. 

Sexually successful people masturbate. You are not jerking or buzzing off because you are a loser, because you can’t find the apt person to play with, or because you are desperate to get your rocks off. You are more than this mere ideology. You’re making love to yourself because you deserve pleasure, and playing with yourself makes you feel good. Tell this to yourself daily that 'You deserve better, you deserve happiness. You should invest in yourself without stooping low with your standards, without compromising in an unhealthy relationship. 'Be the kings and queens of your life.' Work hard and choose Mondays to let yourself loose in the pool of lust and euphoria.

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