Lisa Mews' "Why I Write About Sexuality"

Lisa Mews Nov 27 2019

Lisa Mews' "Why I Write About Sexuality"

Find out what inspires Lisa Mews to write and talk about the wonderful field of sexuality.

Maybe it is some sort of self-exploration, in both areas of writing and sexuality. It is my first time publishing texts online, but I am very experienced in the field of sexuality. The mix definitely is interesting; I was only recently a virgin writer writing about sexuality.

Writing in school, for example, has always been something limiting to me, because I had to write about a certain topic, with a certain structure at a certain time. Now it is different. I have so much freedom and fun and I love writing.

I am very grateful for Tickle.Life and the opportunity they give me. And I hope that I can give ideas to others who can relate with the topics and get inspired to do something or to be something, because it gives them what they need.

I am very curious about further topics and what the other writers will talk about, so that we can maintain a platform that informs and clarifies the most interesting questions in life.

And that definitely fits so well with me. I am an Aquarius and I need the freedom to express myself, and to be myself. Sexuality has been a weird topic for a long time, because close friends or family members felt ashamed talking about it. And let’s be honest, it is a topic most people feel ashamed of or weird to talk about, and that is okay. It still is something very intimate in the end, and maybe they just don’t want to talk about it.

This is why it is important to have a place where you can express yourself, be open, read or comment about specific topics, so that we can grow together and explore the wonders of our sexuality.


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