Letting Go Gets Faster with Practice

Author :- Martha Tara Lee Oct. 15, 2020, 12:33 p.m.
Letting Go Gets Faster with Practice

When I first started doing volunteer helpline counseling (more than 15 years ago), it took me a while to realise I was buying snacks and filling myself up with these “goodies” because I was so sad and affected by the stories shared with me. I had to stop myself from this binge eating – that doesn’t happen to me under other circumstances.

When I first started my relationship/ sexuality practice (more than 10 years ago), I was so flat out emotionally exhausted from client sessions that I would withdrawn myself from the world – focusing on what I needed to do. Because most of my clients preferred to see me weekday evenings and weekends, I ended up not having much of a social life. After some time, friends stopped asking me out and I myself didn’t have the energy to go out after work.

To help myself, I tried various emotional releasing and clearing techniques. The most effective for me was Lindwall Releasing. Yet different things work for a different time – there is no one right/ best way for everybody. Over time, I acquired a basket of tools and techniques which I share to this date. I am so passionate about sharing them that I have released this free online Clean & Clear video series – as my gift to humanity.

Last night, I was electronically attacked by a man when I refused to share the specifics of how I masturbate. I questioned his motivations instead of outrightly blocking him (I could already see what was to come – giving him benefit of doubt)… but he started to be increasingly rude.

While I created a free online Masturbation Month campaign where I debunk myths around self pleasure and provide resources and education around masturbation, there is some things I do not share (It’s here www.eroscoaching.com/masturbationmonth).

Yet he insisted on my masturbation answer (sexualising me and reducing me to an object), called me rude and unprofessional; then names (a cunt, a cheat) followed.

He threatened to write me bad reviews, and then when I unsubscribed and blocked him, he spammed me through my website i.e. kept emailing – now saying he wanted to fuck me, and topping it up by sending his unsolicited DICK PIC.

I have had violence towards me because I DARE be a woman who talks about sex for a LONG TIME. If not for these emotional techniques, I would be overwhelmed, full of rage, sad, scared etc… but in reality this is NOT the first time I’ve received electronic abuse (because I REFUSED to fall in line and do what A MAN expects me to do, and reply the WAY he wants me to reply). It is easy to say MEN are blah, blah, blah… but I cannot. I love men and I have witnessed humanity in all its vulnerability – I love my work, love supporting my clients to grow, and I CANNOT ever want to HATE anybody.

I have to let go, let go fast – because I deserve to have a happy functional life like the next person so I did my energy shield and Lindwall Releasing. It worked and I was able to have a good sleep.

I’m sharing all this to encourage you to try these emotional releasing techniques. I do hope these same techniques support you through this festive season because they have helped me. With love and light.

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