Keys to Great Sex in a Relationship

Author :- Aish Feb. 8, 2021, 9:03 a.m.
Keys to Great Sex in a Relationship

Each one of us is sexually unique with a unique sexual preference. In a relationship, both men and women have complex personalities and they take quite a while to work their way up. Put two unique individuals together, you may find their sexual differences may be as wide as a crater. But it's no rocket science to enjoy great sex in the relationship, you just need some fundamental ingredients.

Practice Touching 

Practice touching to have great sex in a relationship
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The skin contains two different kinds of touch-sensitive nerves. One detects pleasure and other pain. These nerves interpret the kind of touch that has been exerted on the skin. For great sex, both the partner in the relationship should touch and gently feel each other body. You may even want to ask your partner to touch you in such a manner that you would like to be touched. The trigger points are, Gentle, Slow and love touching from head to toe. 

Value Genuine Consent 

The bedrock of great sex in a relationship is genuine and mutual consent offered by the partners to each other freely, without any pressure, coercion or impairment, and fear of retaliation. A good relationship is a result of the authentic consent of both partners. Sex with anything less than genuine consent is unlikely to produce any sexual satisfaction. 

Try Different Positions 

different positions for great sex
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Engaging in the same positions every time during sex reduces the level of excitement for both partners. Developing the habit of different sex positions frequently increases the level of dopamine in the body and you feel more excited. Different sex position also helps both the partners to connect emotionally and more intensely. For example, when a man enters his partner from behind he can help the woman reach orgasm because it increases stimulation at the Grafenberg spot


The effect of novelty in a sexual relationship is potent, compare it with sex at home and sex in hotel rooms each time you will feel more excited. The reason behind this is the neurotransmitter dopamine. Whenever our body step's out of daily routine it releases dopamine. When people initially engage in a relationship their level of dopamine is high for a couple of months and slowly starts to decrease, to maintain the dopamine level novelty is necessary. 

Expressing Your Fantasies

fantasies enhance great sex
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Expressing your fantasies to your partners helps your partner in understanding your desire and requirements. It also helps in connecting both the partners mentally by putting them on the same page. Fantasies are big dopamine injectors, they are hidden desire in a person life which he or she cannot express it publically. Expressing your fantasies to your partner increases the mental understanding between them, and sometimes it may result that, your partner may bring your fantasies to your real life. 

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