Kegel Your Way to Better Orgasms

Author :- Chantel June 10, 2020, 9:54 a.m.
Kegel Your Way to Better Orgasms

Kegel What?! Better orgasms?

If you don't know what I mean when I say kegel, I am referring to kegel exercises for your vagina! Yup, you can work out your vagina, because your vagina is a muscle! It contacts and expands and it too needs to be strengthened.

Why tho? Well for many reasons, if you have had a baby or are about to have a baby you will know that having a baby causes changes in your body, both during and after pregnancy. That included the ability to hold your bladder. To prevent incontinence or leakage, doing your kegal exercises is recommended. Also as we age we can have issues with this as well, so why not set yourself up for success now!

Another amazing reason to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles is to aid in stronger orgasms! Boom, What!!! Ya boo, this helps create stronger orgasms, and if you are having intercourse with a penis owner, that person will be able to feel your muscles contracting during orgasm. Tell me a penis that wouldn't twitch to feel that! This is also a fun way to play with your partner, squeezing your pelvic floor muscles while your partner's penis is inside you can be a fun tease and show your work off! squeeze on boo, squeeze on!

So how do you do Kegel Exercises you ask? I got you!

  1. Prepare

    They are best done on an empty bladder and can be done while sitting or laying down.

  2. Tighten

    Tighten your pelvic floor muscles like you are holding in pee (or a fart or tampon etc. you get the idea)

  3. Hold

    Hold for 3-5 sec. as you get stronger you can work up to holding for 10 seconds.

  4. Relax

    Rrelax for 3-5 seconds, and repeat above step 10 times.

  5. Repeat

    It is recommended to do kegal exercises 1-3 times per day depending on how strong they already are.

If you just had a baby and you are building them back up, 3 times may be good at first. If you have been doing kegals for a while now and your muscles are strong, 1 time a day may be all that's needed. You can also use a yoni egg to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles or buy kegal kits with different weighted eggs in them to build up strength.

How ever you decide to do your kegels, do what you are comfortable with. Don't feel pressured to use something you don't want to. You can accomplish this on your own, our bodies are amazing things!

Now go work out that vagina!!

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