June is Adult SexEd Month. Here's a brief history

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team June 16, 2020, 5:02 p.m.
June is Adult SexEd Month. Here's a brief history

What is Adult Sex Education Month?

June is National Adult Sex Education Month! Adult Sex Ed Month is an annual celebration of informative, factually correct and sex-positive enlightenment about sex and sexuality, specifically for adults. For many people, sex education means those awkward couple of lessons you’re made to sit through at school in your teenage years. 

A timeline

- Adult Sex Ed Month was the brainchild of Bobbie Morgan of A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind.

The sex education and sex writers communities online were shaken when Bobbie sadly passed away late 2015. Some of Bobbie’s friends, clients, collaborators says that Bobbie would like to have seen her amazing awareness project continue. 

Sex education in schools is mainly concerned with the anatomical and biological elements of sexual intercourse which however doesn't cover all the relevant information about sex and sexuality. There are  so many topics, people have questions about and they help demonstrate why adult sex education is much-needed and so important.

Why an Adult SexEd Month?

Adult sex education is about you stepping into your desire.

As adults we lead busy lives. Our days our filled with work and personal obligations. We can easily forget to take our pill, change the patch or even visit your provider for your birth control shot. It’s important to remember your reproductive health. The choices we make today can affect our lives for years to come.

Stay on top of your sexual health by keeping up to date on the latest information for which STIs re common, signs and symptoms, birth control methods and how important making informed decisions is to your overall sexual health.

Seniors, who are sexually active also need to take care of their reproductive health. While most of the seniors, they do need to worry about sexually transmitted infections. STI rates are on the rise amongst seniors.

We're all for sex-positive celebrations. We need a culture change in terms of the way we talk to raise awareness of its ongoing importance about sex; that we needed to take shame and embarrassment out of the equation; that there was much more room in the world for intelligent, credible information about sex.

Sex education is for those adults who wish to embrace a liberated and healthier sex life and enjoy happier relationships with open communication.

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