Interview with Russell Stambaugh

Author :- Shakun June 10, 2020, 9:53 a.m.
Interview with Russell Stambaugh

Not only is Russell Stambaugh a clinical psychologist and a retired sexologist who has been awarded multiple awards like being a two-time recipient of AASECT's Distinguished Service Award but also our advisor.

Stambaugh believes in the power of inclusivity. He believes that as a psychologist it is most important to appreciate the religious, sexual and cultural diversity of people. It is important to listen to inclusively and embrace differences. A good therapist is one that is a good fit.

“There is a greater amount of diversity in sexual practices than sexual acceptance in society. Social stigma wounds.” He says that different emotional and physiological challenges need partners to change the context of sex and how to communicate with their partner to have a positive experience.

“I don’t help people because of how I went into kink to find it was fabulous but instead because I realised what’s fabulous depends on who you are and what you like.” As long as kinks and fetishes are practised between consensual adults, Stambaugh takes a completely non-judgemental and open approach towards it. No one can just change their sexual preferences immediately. 

“ The more intersectionality in their sexual diversity, the harder it is for them to survive. His own blog “Elephant In The Hot Tub” gives context and information to those seeking a place to start understanding the concepts of kink and fetish. Stambaugh says, “there is not very much on psychotherapy for sexually diverse people.” Everyone has different kinks, it is hard to find someone who likes what you like. Most people have to engage with sex workers for sexual gratification in a social context that doesn’t approve. People value commitment and honesty.

Stambaugh’s ethical issues are consent and boundaries. He encourages mindful trained practice of kink and fetish. This is the place to learn where to get kinky help. How to get sex toys. How to perform your kinks and more.

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash