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Interview with Mark Schoen

Shakun  |  Feb 17 2020

Interview with Mark Schoen

Mark Schoen is the founder of He started out as a health education teacher and went on to be a sexual health filmmaker as he realised there was a serious lack of authentic content.  He started his website with merely 46 films and now has a collection of 619 films to offer. His content focuses on education, research and therapy about sexual health and wellness. It is the Netflix of Sex Education. He is also the author of the book “Bellybuttons are Navels”.

“Films are tools to increase communication, when it comes to sexuality there has been a lack of communication.” Mark encourages sex positivity through his films. The content is diverse and has material for all age groups. There is basic anatomy, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexually explicit content and information on sexual behaviour. It is an ever-evolving vocabulary as there is more sexual diversity and fluidity. 

“Every time I do a film, its education for me.” His website,, adopts a cross-cultural approach to sexuality. The website has 200 public service commercials and condom ads from over 50 countries. He believes that a child’s first introduction to sex should not be through pornographic films. “Those films are for pleasure and entertainment, not information and education.” 

“Sex is an important part of life and it should be for pleasure, but without the information, you miss out on pleasure.” He is currently working on a documentary to highlight the need for early health education for children in schools and homes. His most important advice is, "You have to be an askable parent". 

Watch this video to learn more about sex therapy, research films, anatomy and where to find the right resources to learn more. Mark says, “ I have learnt that diversity is more diverse than I thought.” He quotes Oscar Wild as he says, “ You have to be yourself because everyone else is taken.”

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