Interview- Founder of Lustery

Author :- Ola Miedzynska Feb. 27, 2021, 4:33 p.m.
Interview- Founder of Lustery

Are you searching for the best homemade porn video collection? Well, Lustery is your destination.

Here's an interview of the founder of Lustery, Paulita Pappel who has been working as a producer and carries experience of working in the Porn Industry for 20 years. Her experience and insight led to the creation of Lustery in 2016. It's a platform where all couples around the world show their sexuality, just how they love to show it in the comfort and privacy of their bedrooms. 

Lustery has been created to answer questions like, “ how to capture real sex life without being a performer for the camera. How to capture people, those who share a bond in the comfort of their bed, in their privacy as close as it can be. It's about real couples, sex, and love. Don't forget to find Paulita at the SxTech.EU conference which is on the 20th of November in Berlin.