How to use condoms?

Author :- Mehdi Moosvi Nov. 8, 2023, 11:36 a.m.
How to use condoms?

Using a condom correctly or following all the instructions given on the packet are the steps that most couples ignore in the heat of the moment, but wearing a mere latex covering on a penis is just not the right way to use it. The proper advised way is written and explained by experts to guarantee maximum protection and comfort to the users. However, if you or your partner always skip the manual and jump straight into the sheets then this blog might help you ensure all the steps in using one correctly.

How to use condoms?

When it comes to talking about how to use condoms correctly then let’s talk about using a male condom and a female condom correctly.

How to use a male condom?

how to use male condoms

Male condoms are the condoms mostly preferred by couples across the world, this might be because of their popularity ever since a condom was invented. Here are the steps to use a male condom properly:

  1. Check for the expiry date and carefully take it out of the packet without using a sharp object, prefer tearing it with your hands as a sharp object could cut through the condom latex.
  2. Place the condom as it is on to the penis (without unrolling it), and make sure it is not inside out as the rim needs to be on the outer side, and as you place it on your penis, pinch out the air on the reservoir tip on the top of the condom. It is always good to leave some space at the tip of your condom that does not have a reservoir tip at the end to collect the cum.
  3. As you pinch the tip of a condom, start rolling it down to the base of the penis, and wear it throughout the intercourse.
  4. Once the condom is filled with cum out of the first intercourse, it is time to throw it. Withdraw the penis out of the partner and while erect, hold the base of the penis and the tip of the condom. Slowly pull it off so that none of the semen is spilled here and there, and tie a knot at the opening so that it gets sealed with the semen. To dispose of a condom wrap it up in toilet paper and just throw it in your bin and never flush it, else your next date might be with a plumber. It is of utmost necessity to use a new condom every time you have another intercourse.

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How to use a female condom?

How to use female condoms

  1. Check the expiration date on the packet and tear it open. Make sure the condom is intact and has no tear or defects in it. Do not use a male condom with a female condom, this can cause either of them to tear away. 
  2. The thick inner ring with the closed end of the condom is supposed to go inside the vagina so that it can hold it in place. And the outer ring stays open towards the entrance of the vagina.
  3. Inserting a female condom is similar to inserting a tampon or a menstrual cup. First, find a comfortable position to insert it and squeeze the sides of the thick ring with the closed-end with your thumb and forefinger and insert it straight away, pushing it as far as you could until it rests just below the cervix. Let the condom expand on its own as you remove your fingers out.
  4. Make sure the condom is in good shape and is not twisted. The ring should just be out of the vagina covering the vulva area
  5. Guide your partner’s penis into the vaginal opening and start the intercourse. If you feel that the outer ring is slipping inside the vagina or you feel uncomfortable while wearing it, stop the intercourse and try switching to a male condom.
  6. For disposing of a female condom, just grab the outer ring and pull out the condom after intercourse. Tie a knot at the outer ring towards its opening to avoid spilling the semen, and throw it away wrapped in a piece of paper and not flush it. Do not reuse a condom once one intercourse is complete.

FAQ on using a condom

Can you get pregnant if you use a condom correctly?

When used a condom correctly it becomes 98% effective, hence a woman can still get pregnant despite using a condom correctly.

How do you know if a condom breaks?

During an intercourse, men will feel a change in sensation on their penis if the condom breaks. The woman may not feel a thing if it breaks.

Why do condoms hurt?

Some women find it uneasy to have an intercourse with a condom, this might be because of a latex allergy, or not using a lubricant along with a condom.

Do condoms slip of a little?

On average approximately only 2% of condoms slip or break, and this too might be because they are worn or used incorrectly.

How long can a condom be worn?

A condom should be replaced with a new one every 30 minutes if you're having a long intercourse session.

Is it okay to use two condoms instead of one?

It is not advised to use two condoms over one, as using two condoms causes more friction between the two condoms and the chances of breaking are higher in using two condoms rather than one.

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