How To Turn A Woman On

Author :- Kristopher Lovestone June 7, 2020, 10:58 a.m.
How To Turn A Woman On

Women need more dedication to “turn-on” than men do. Most guys get turned on just by genital touch, but women often need to have their minds activated, their worries, concerns & fears addressed and their hearts loved and taken-care-of. Only then can they often settle into the trust and relaxation required to open their legs in a sincere, welcoming & hungry way!

It’s a science. It’s an art. It can be learned, and it’s worth the effort!

Why Learn How To Turn Her On?

When a woman has a partner who turns on her mind, addresses her worries, concerns & fears, and loves and cares for her heart…then her treasure chest unlocks and she welcomes him in hungrily and gives to him abundantly.

If you demonstrate your worthiness of her sexual trust, she’ll give you the keys to her temple and lavish you in its luxuries and riches!

When a woman has a partner who turns on her mind, addresses her worries, concerns & fears & loves her, she unlocks.

How To Turn Her On

It can seem daunting, but it’s really pretty straghtforward when you understand it.
1) Turn-on her mind. Make her mind interested. Engage her intelligence.
2) Address her concerns, worries & fears. Identify & address things that get in the way of her being able to relax into sensuality & sexuality (think bills, childcare, house is a mess, recent argument, etc…)
3) Demonstrate to her that you truly love her. She has to feel the love from you in her heart. Your love has to be able to get through to her, despite the chaos of life.

It’s a top – down approach. Start with her mind and work your way down to her heart, and then last her genitals may welcome you.

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