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How to Have Safe Sex with Escorts

Luca Yates  |  Feb 03 2021

How to Have Safe Sex with Escorts

Sex with escorts is a lot of fun, but there can also be an element of risk involved.  For some, that is all part of the thrill, but others are more risk-averse. How do you make sure you are having safe sex with escorts? 

Types of Sex 

Some types of sex are riskier than others, and it could be worth bearing this in mind when you want to play. 

  • Hand job – This is the safest type of sex to have with an escort as it pretty much eliminates the risk of catching anything.  You are probably looking for more than this if you have parted with your hard-earned cash for it though. 
  • Blowjob – This could be a good point at which to unwrap a condom.  There is limited risk to your health when getting a blowjob, but there are still some diseases that you can catch this way, such as genital herpes and syphilis.  It is better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Vaginal Sex – This is where the risk starts to increase, so it is best to use a condom here.  STDs can be caught quite easily this way. 
  • Anal Sex – This is certainly fun for some but there is a heightened risk of catching something if you have unprotected sex this way.  HIV is especially prevalent if you have anal sex, so make sure you use protection if you want to have some backdoor fun. 

Use a Condo

Source: Pexels

The best way to have safe sex with an escort is to use a condom for everything you do.  This will make sex safer than riding bareback, but there is still a small element of risk involved, such as the condom splitting or coming off during sex.  This does remain the safest way of protecting yourself from unwanted diseases though, so the best advice is to put something on the end of it before you begin to fool around. (Also refer to the 10 things to include in your safer sex toolkit.)

For hygiene reasons, it is best to change condoms if you switch between the types of sex you are having with an escort.  That way you don’t run the risk of cross-infection, and it will keep you safer and healthier. 

You may decide that you would rather not use a condom, but this could be seriously risky to your health.  Some escorts are willing to go without a condom for an increased payment but remember if they have unprotected sex with you, they are likely to have done this with other clients too and their sexual heath could leave a lot to be desired. 

Use a Reputable Agency 

There are many types of sex workers, from those that can be approached on the street in a red-light area to those who work in a reputable brothel and everything in between.  The best way to make sure the sex is safe is to use an escort service rather than a street walking prostitute.  The girls are more likely to use condoms and have regular tests for STDs.   

Escort services are easy to find online, and you can select the type of escort you are looking for in minutes. Googling an escort service in Perth, for example, will bring up a wide selection of escorts to suit every taste and sexual preference, and most other big cities will be able to provide you with a similar choice too. Escorts AU serves all of Australia and has a great selection of girls available at any given time. Use the search function to find the type of escort you most desire.   

It is argued that using a reputable agency will keep you safer than online dating or a casual pick up in a bar might as the escorts are a lot more aware of STDs than non-professional women and take precautions to keep themselves and their clients safe. 

Stay on the Right Side of the Law 

Whether escorting is legal or not will depend on where in Australia you are. The law varies from state to state. Some states have outlawed brothels and others say that escorting is legal whereas prostitution is not.  It is worth checking the law in the state you are in, so you know if you are on the right side of the law or not.  You don’t want to be slapped with a fine or made to appear in court just for having a bit of fun.  However, depending on what state you are in may have a bearing on the level of discretion you will need to exercise if you want to stay safe with an escort. 

Personal Safety 

When considering how to have safe sex with escorts most people think about the risk of infection. However, personal safety is also important when using an escort, and there are a few things you might want to consider here too: 

Find a safe place to have sex – It may be convenient to have an escort come to your house, but this might not be a good idea if you have a high-profile job or do not want to risk your reputation.  It can be better to arrange to meet in a hotel room.  That way you can remain more anonymous. 

Payment – Most reputable escort services will ask you to pay upfront for their services.  Make sure that you pay through a well-known payment company or even pay in cash, as this leaves you less open to having your credit card cloned or huge bills run-up in your name. 

Type of sex – You may have decided to use an escort’s services as you want something a bit different but be careful what you ask for if using an escort for the first time.  For example, bondage may be a lot of fun, but this could leave you in a vulnerable position if you are bound and gagged and watching an escort run off with your wallet or taking pictures they can use to blackmail you with later. It is best to leave the kinky stuff until you have got to know the escort a little better, as this will leave you less vulnerable.  

Hiring yourself an escort can be a lot of fun but remember to stay safe and healthy by following these simple guidelines. 

Cover photo by Pexels

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