How to be Comfortable With Menstrual Cups?

Author :- Revathi V Gopal Feb. 24, 2021, 8:03 a.m.
How to be Comfortable With Menstrual Cups?

When Leona Chalmers introduced the first commercial menstrual cup in 1937, her innovation was based on delivering a comfortable product for women. But many women were reluctant and skeptical about inserting a rubber cup into their vaginas. Reluctance and myths continue to haunt menstrual cups and menstruation. Menstrual cups are flexible, eco-friendly, and reusable silicone or rubber cups. They are easy to use and comfy alternatives for tampons and pads. Being comfortable with menstrual cups depends upon various factors such as the size of the cup, the way you fold it, its position. 

Five best tips to be comfortable with menstrual cups

While thinking about switching to menstrual cups, the first concern most of us might have could be. Will it be comfortable? The answer to the question is tricky, as comfort is subjective, and everyone's state of being comfortable differs. However, here are five best ways to make your journey with menstrual cups comfortable!

#1 Size Matters

With menstrual cups, there aren't any sizing standards. Most of the brands have two sizes. They are small, or A and regular or B. Size small is for women under the age of 30 and who haven't given birth yet. Size B is for women above the age of 30 and who have given birth. However, it is always necessary to find the correct size of your Crevice before purchasing a menstrual cup. You can measure it by reaching your finger into the vagina. You can compare the measurements with the size charts and go for a size shorter than your Crevice.

#2 Folding the cup in the right way

How you fold the cup before inserting has a crucial role to play in ensuring comfort. There are different ways of folding a menstrual cup. Some of the most common styles are the C fold, the U fold, the triangle fold, the punch down fold, and the S fold. It is essential to experiment with different folding techniques to find the one that suits you. However, most users find comfort while inserting the menstrual cup in the triangle or the punch-down fold.

#3 Trim or flip for comfort

If you find the stem of the cup poking your vulva after insertion, it is better to trim the stem. You can do it as per your requirement and smoothen the end using nail scissors. You can be comfortable with menstrual cups by flipping it inside out. You can reduce the size of the cup as well by turning it. 

#4 Relax your vaginal muscles

You might find some difficulties in inserting the cup for the first few times. However, it is common and quite natural. While placing the menstrual cup, relax your vaginal muscles as it aids in holding up the cup in a comfortable position. When we have tense muscles, it will be difficult to insert the menstrual cup and cause discomfort. You can also insert them by squatting or in a sitting posture.

#5 Know your body

For being comfortable with menstrual cups, it is pertinent to be comfy with your body. Understand your vagina and its ability to expand and stretch. It is a way to help you in inserting your menstrual cup correctly. You can wet the cup in warm water before insertion. You can also rub water-based moisturizers at the rim of the cup. You can always reinsert the cup if you find any discomfort.

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FAQs on being comfortable with menstrual cups

Why does my menstrual cup hurt?

  • It could be because of the long stem, the wrong size, or the way of folding the menstrual cup. That is why it’s critical to choose the right cup. Don’t know what’s the best cup for you? Just write to us, and we’ll help you figure it out.

How can I reduce discomfort while using a cup?

  • Getting used to a menstrual cup can take time. However, inserting the cup below the cervix will improve comfort.

Why does my cup leak?

  • It is because of the wrong way of insertion, or the cup might be full. Using the wrong size of a menstrual cup can also cause the same problem.

What to do when I have a heavy flow to avoid leakage?

  • You can check at regular intervals and clean the cup based on the flow. Depending upon the flow, you may have to clean your cup 2-3 times a day. We recommend cleaning it at least once every 8-12 hours.

Are menstrual cups healthy?

  • Yes, doctors have certified them to be a healthier alternative. However, it is recommended that proper hygiene be maintained, and cups be cleaned regularly to avoid irritations. They cause fewer infections than traditional pads.

Can menstrual cups cause infections?

  • If menstrual cups are not used hygienically, it could cause infections. The bacteria in our hands might transfer into the menstrual cup. Clean your hands with warm water and soap to avoid infection. 

Can a virgin use a menstrual cup?

  • Virginity is not affected by using a menstrual cup. A menstrual cup only interferes with the hymen. 

Ensuring comfort while using a menstrual cup is essential. It is a way to assist you through your menstrual cycle with no worries or tensions. It is time to move beyond myths and start our journeys afresh with an eco-friendly and comfortable alternative!

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