How Much Sex is too Much Sex

Author :- Miranda Davis April 26, 2021, 5:59 a.m.
How Much Sex is too Much Sex

Did you know that you can have too much sex? The average person has sex 54 times annually, which is once a week.

However, it’s perfectly okay to have sex every day with your partner. The issue comes up when sessions are too long or too frequent. Not only does this drain all your energy, but it can cause physical harm.

After linking up on hookup dating sites, you can enjoy lots of time together under the sheets. Just be sure you take breaks in between and not prolong the sessions. If you find yourself wanting sex all the time, you might have a problem like hypersexuality even after having it.

What is Hyper Sexuality?

If you constantly obsess about having sex and can’t be satisfied, you have hypersexuality. Suddenly, you have no control over your sexual hunger and can have too much sex at the beginning of a relationship.

Doing this harms you not only physically but also mentally. Your thoughts always drift to intercourse and for the sake of it and not to bond with your partner. It can be a sign of a deeper issue.

Typically, such uncontrollable urges lead to reckless behavior like sleeping around. In the end, you can even contract STIs and cause issues in your union. Some people end up having lots of affairs as a distraction from the main issues. Well, too much sex can cause you lots of harm.

Generally, having intercourse is a good thing for you and your relationship. Sex has lots of benefits to the whole body. However, when the tables turn to hypersexuality, you need to seek help before things get out of hand.

Risks of Having Too Much Sex

Apart from STIs, there are many more problems that come about due to hypersexuality. Too much sex effects can even cause irreversible physical problems.

For instance, some partners end up scarred for life by the experience. Your partner develops physical and psychological side effects due to the negative experience. Some people end up with anxiety and excruciating pain when they try having sex again.

Not to mention, you can end up with blisters and soreness on your private parts. Continuous penetration due to long sessions only leads to wounds, swelling, and soreness. There’s no more lubrication supporting safe and satisfying penetration on the vagina.

Afterward, a woman can notice abnormal vaginal discharge due to wounds. Also, blisters can develop on the penis, causing more severe infections.

Final Takeaway

What happens if you have too much sex? You can end up physically, mentally, and emotionally hurting your partner. The encounter makes them never want physical intimacy with another person again.

Aside from that, the risk on your health if you move with different partners is substantial.

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