How GRAMMYS forgot Lady Gaga and excluded bisexuals in a single tweet

Author :- Nimisha June 20, 2020, 8:44 p.m.
How GRAMMYS forgot Lady Gaga and excluded bisexuals in a single tweet

The GRAMMYs recently came under fire after declaring Sam Smith as the “first openly LGBT+ person to win Best Pop Vocal Album”, forgetting Lady Gaga, who is openly bisexual and LGBTQ+.

Lady Gaga is an openly bisexual queer woman, and vocal on issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community. Many proceeded to call out the Recording Academy for not recognizing her.

Trouble ensued when the GRAMMYs completely messed it up in a poorly drafted apology, and well, hit themselves with rocks.

Not only did the Recording Academy not mention Lady Gaga's name anywhere, but also ended up not identifying the gender of Sam Smith correctly!


The Recording Academy came under tremendous backlash, with many calling them out for using LGBTQ+ narratives merely for show business and clout during Pride.

One Twitter user wrote, "Oh lord isn’t Sam Smith non binary? What a mess chile...."

Another user wrote, "Okay now correct yourself again (Sam Smith is openly non-binary), and actually name Lady Gaga this time."

Lady Gaga has spoken about bisexual exclusion

Lady Gaga, last year at a New York's WorldPride celebration outside Stonewall Inn had spoken about how she may not be 'considered a part of' the LGBTQ community even though she likes 'girls sometimes'.

This had sparked a conversation on how bisexual people are often not included in mainstream queer narratives, and how those who have publicly had sexual relationships with only the opposite sex are cast doubts upon. It's almost like expertise determines sexuality.

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This also came after many had questioned Gaga's sexuality and activism.

The reason for that is also because people want to box sexuality in binaries. It's either same-sex or opposite sex; being attracted to both or many goes beyond the binary.

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