How are young women building India?

Author :- Revathi V Gopal Jan. 23, 2021, 7:15 a.m.
How are young women building India?

For centuries, there have been countless myths and taboos associated with women in India. From lack of freedom to forced marriages, the lives of most women in India continue as nightmares. 

Though there are improvements in our life situations, there are numerous young girls and women who do not receive any privileges. Here, in this article on "how are young women building India?" we will look into the different ways in which women are working hard to rebuild our nation.

When we look back at our ancient history, we find that Indian women had a prestigious status and gained education. We can observe these descriptions, especially in the Vedas. They were also part of the decision making bodies in the past. With the rise of patriarchy, there came a radical change in women's status. 

In the current period, young Indian women excel in different fields. They assist in restructuring and redefining the socio-economic framework of our country.

Young Indian women as entrepreneurs, author-pruners, and solopreneurs

As per recent studies, 14% of Indian entrepreneurs are women, and most are young minds. Several leading magazines have featured many young Indian women entrepreneurs as the most successful people under 30. 

Many young Indian women have transformed the arena of the startup ecosystem with their creative ideas and innovations.

With the unprecedented growth of technology, many young women continue to build their careers and businesses in different dimensions. 

Authorprunership, social entrepreneurship, and solopreneurship are fields newly explored by women. There are endless opportunities within the digital space. As per recent studies, several young Indian women are building their careers online as authors and creators. 

Many women are working to solve social, economic, and environmental issues through their social entrepreneurship ventures. Young Indian women are partnering with different programs and NGOs to create gender equality and to save our environment. Their primary aim is not just revenue generation.

 Several Indian women have started their solopreneurship journey as home bakers, craft-makers, interior designers, bloggers, and YouTubers. Their works primarily focus on the upliftment of the local economy. 

Young Indian women across the country are working in different fields to empower and rebuild our nation. Female entrepreneurs play a crucial role in improving our country's socio-economic conditions. It is essential to encourage young girls to build on their passion and become future entrepreneurs.

Young Indian women as athletes and artists

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As we all know, many young Indian women have achieved glorious positions in the sports field. From sprinters to wrestlers, young Indian sportswomen have a crucial role in rebuilding our country. They work towards the international fame and establishment of India through their potentials and skills. 

Artists like actors, models, musicians, and others assist in building India's cultural landscape. Nowadays, numerous female-centric movies and programs try to discuss the socio-cultural issues in our communities. They focus on bringing gender equality and endeavor to spread the relevance of gender equality. 

They highlight several other topics that can help in changing the stereotypical perspectives and notions in our communities. They have been prevailing for centuries, and a change is pertinent to rebuild our nation.

Informal sector and rebuilding of India

Every drop counts. It is not always about financial stability and success. There is more to it. Let's have a look at how the informal sector contributes to rebuilding India.

Several young women are entrepreneurs, influencers, athletes, scientists, educationalists, etc. We often look at young women who have achieved fame and financial stability before they are in their 30s or 40s. However, numerous young women who are not part of these glorified positions also play a crucial role in building India. When it comes to the construction industry, 30% of the workforce are women. 

Concerning the health sector, ASHA workers, who are literate women between the ages of 25 and 45, continue to contribute immensely to rebuilding India's health sector. Numerous women work within various informal sectors. They act as the backbone of the local economy. It is essential to refurbish the local economy of a place. It is because it contributes to a nation's economic development.
Many young Indian women have overcome a plethora of hurdles to be successful in their lives. However, several young girls drop out of their schools due to various reasons, and they get married before they attain any physical or emotional maturity. Many women among us continue to face restrictions from their families to take full-time employment. Many others face difficulty as they climb up the ladder of success. Though many young women have contributed towards building India, there are miles to go before women can attain equality. equity and justice.

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