First Time Sex Tips For Men

Author :- Mehdi Moosvi Feb. 27, 2021, 4:33 p.m.
First Time Sex Tips For Men

Your big day is finally here, now is the time that you’re finally getting to hump in the bed and showcase your sexual skills to your partner, but you are prepared for getting laid for the first time, right?

For most males, sex for the first time is awkward, but it's a new feeling for your banana and you care for your first feeling to be memorable. But without proper sex education, you can puzzle up things. But don't worry many of us do not receive the proper sex education to know the why's and how's of sex and it doesn’t mean that you're not going to have sex, this is no rocket science! So to make it easier for you and to make your first time much more fun rather than a disaster, I create this bible post for those males having sex for the first time so that you can keep in mind the salient points before you get into action.

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Always carry your helmet

Yes by that I mean to always carry protection, be it your first time or your last (although you never get to know whether it’s your last). Be it Vaginal, Anal, or Oral sex, it is of utmost importance to always wear a condom, for oral sex, I recommend using flavored condoms but do keep in mind to never use flavored condoms for penetrative sex. Condoms not only hold your load which you ejaculate and prevent pregnancy but also protect you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections and HIV/AIDS because you never know how much infected your partner could be.

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Break the ice

Bridge the communication gap and interact with your partner. Talk about the needs and expectations of you both from this moment, be crazy enough with your words and talk about each other, talk about sex, and don’t hesitate to talk about it so that you feel more comfortable at the moment. If you’ve the fear of being judged, then drop that fear off your head because almost nobody judges a person if they know it’s your first time.

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Don’t forget to Tickle

Because it is your first time, so it’ll never be a good idea to jump to the main course instantly, so how about starting with a snack. For your first experience to last long and to add intensity to the moment between you and your partner, consider beginning with foreplay. Spend ample time foreplaying start tickling, kissing, biting, and caressing each other so that you get to experience much more than only a genital orgasm on your first time. You can also be extra adventurous and bring in sex toys to add the icing to the cake. Also read "Bringing sex toys into Your Bedroom."

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Tell them the truth

If you think that you’ll not let your partner know that you’re losing your virginity to them, then thumbs down to this. Confessing the truth is a good idea because then your partner’s expectations from you won’t be of a performer in bed, but your partner might help you introduce you to the world of sex! (if in case your partner is not a virgin)

Don’t look at sex as a tool for an orgasm

If you begin with the thought or sole purpose of only having a great and different orgasm, then you’re going the wrong way. Sex is much more than an orgasm, bring in the soul connection with your partner, make eye contact throughout, create mischief, and then see the magic of sex.

Bring in the smoothies

For some sex can be a bit painful for the first time, especially if you have a tight foreskin. You can add the smoothness and say goodbye to the friction by using a lubricant, be your banana circumcised or not, but a bit of friction is felt by most people, a lube helps in easing this friction by eliminating it.

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Have you ever made the bald man cry?

Before you get laid, get your hands on choking your chicken, or beating your bishop, or cuffing the carrot, or screwing the nut, okay! I’m talking about savoring the world of self-pleasure or masturbation. By introducing yourself to masturbation you’ll be more familiar with your body as you’ll be making yourself aware of the sensitive spots and comfortable with the feel of touch over your penis and obviously for experiencing an orgasm before having sex.

Stop being conscious about your performance

Take a deep breath and stop thinking of whether you’re performing well enough. It is your first lesson, there are many more chapters to come, so just shred the worry off your shoulders, just relax while having it and be at the moment.

Forget what you’ve watched

Movies and pornography have fed us with a very unrealistic take on sex; because on the screen, everything is scripted be it a sequence of a person losing his virginity or a Leprechaun’s adventures with a blond woman. Everything is perfectly choreographed and acted, so you’ll hardly find the real experience being captured (we still don’t have reality TV shows on sex) but you can instead consider watching authentic homemade porn videos.

Boy you have the holy wisdom now, you're all set to loose it now.

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