Female ejaculation could prevent cancer

Author :- Ailsa Keppie June 10, 2020, 9:53 a.m.
Female ejaculation could prevent cancer

So I wanted to share a recent revelation. I have done much study on female ejaculation over the past few years, but nothing I read had really put the idea in my head, that female ejaculate is actually lymph fluid.

I was researching for a new course I was creating on breast massage and in doing so, came across an article by Dr. Paul Tinari and Sex Educator Caffyn Jesse. The article began with outlining the benefits of breast massage for lymph drainage and other health reasons, but what really excited me was the second part which was about female ejaculation. To quote from the source:

“Tapping many sources, Dr. Tinari developed an 8-step system of lymphatic massage for breast tissue health and a simple, but effective system to encourage the discharge of large volumes of lymphatic fluid through G-Spot stimulation and female ejaculation.”

So not only does female ejaculation feel amazing, and give women more options for pleasure, it also helps the body to cleanse through releasing stagnant lymph fluid from the pelvis and surrounding areas! If that’s not reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

I have been aware that pelvic congestion is a reason some people seek out knowledgeable bodyworkers, and have learned many techniques myself for treating this with massage, tapping, and hydrotherapy. However, I had not heard of the idea of promoting and educating women on how to stimulate the G-spot and ejaculate as a way to deal with this very uncomfortable condition.

“The lymphatic system does several jobs in the body, including the collection of waste materials from our tissues. The lymphatic system acts as a filtering agent and supports strong immune system response.” Tinari and Jesse outline, continuing with, “Toxins are believed to be involved with the early formation of cancerous tissue. It is imperative that these toxins be continually removed through the body's veins and lymphatic vessels. When these toxins are unable to exit the body properly, the possibility of cancer increases.”

So there you have it! If you needed an excuse to learn more about your erotic pleasure centres, you have it.

Becoming adept at arousing yourself and learning how to really let go with ejaculation is not easy or even possible for every woman, but if you haven’t explored this arena of your sexuality, perhaps there are some things to discover.

Learning to self pleasure, or even talking about it, is not something we are super comfortable with in our culture. Finding a knowledgeable, compassionate and gentle guide is important, as is giving yourself permission to open up in this way.

Both of these things are the specialty of Somatic Sex Educators, and I have worked with a number of women on finding their pleasure zones, becoming aware of their bodies and their unique patterns of arousal, and guiding them in exploring the world of female ejaculation.

If it feels great AND prevents cancer, why not, right?

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