Erotic Energy 101: Tools to Maximize Pleasure

Author :- Wellcelium May 8, 2021, 7:23 p.m.
Erotic Energy 101: Tools to Maximize Pleasure

By Dr. Pavini Moray, founder of Wellcelium

Living in Northern California, the term “energy” gets bandied about with quite a degree of frequency. And in my field, that includes erotic energy. We talk about “erotic energy regulation” and “moving through your energetic blocks.” Now, admittedly, I’m pretty woo. But sometimes I feel challenged by what exactly I’m supposed to “do” when playing with energy. I feel it, I know it exists, but how to engage it in meaningful, and pragmatic ways?

Why work with erotic energy?

Well, Neo-Tantra has claimed erotic energy as part of the branding. Personally, I find it really distasteful. But I’m not willing to let them have all the good stuff! I think that everyone can have access to the skills of erotic energy regulation without having to subscribe to a vague ‘sacred sexuality’ doctrine.

I work with erotic energy in different ways. Deepening my understanding (like writing this post) is one way; practicing and experimenting with things is another.

I work with erotic energy because I find that I don’t truly know the edges or limits of my own potential as an erotic being.

I am of a curious nature, and find that engaging energy in my sexual encounters provides deeply pleasurable and often transformative encounters.

What is a working definition of erotic energy?

Dictionary.com offers the following definitions:

Erotic: Pertaining to sexual desire
Energy: The capacity to do work, available power

Therefore, a working definition of “Erotic Energy” could be “The available power of sexual desire.” Of course, I want to add “pleasure” to this definition. Thus, here’s my definition:

“Erotic energy is a resource available to humans at all times, and can be understood as the pleasurable power of desire.”

What are the tools to access and use erotic energy to maximize pleasure?

I believe there are different skills involved in working with erotic energy. There are a set of foundational skills of embodiment. Then, there are skills of creating, sustaining, moving and sharing erotic energy. Many people have access to some of these skills, and can choose to develop others.

Foundational skills

  • Aware of Body Sensations
  • Aware of the inner landscape of the body
  • Sensation is returned to areas of the body once numb
  • Lives fully in all areas of one’s body
  • Able to breathe fully into the belly: the belly is soft, and movements are smooth
  • Able to place one’s awareness in different areas of the body, and hold it
  • Able to move the “I” who is experiencing out of the head region, and place it into different areas of the body
  • Has a “pleasure map” of own body
  • Aware of own energy field
  • Can access own energy field at will

Creating erotic energy

  • Able to build sexual charge within the body
  • Able to turn oneself on
  • Can use tools of breath, sound, movement, touch, fantasy or visual stimulation.
  • Able to feel touch, whether self or other, through skin, eyes, heart love, life
  • Profoundly touched by the natural world
  • Profoundly moved by the capacity for beauty created by the human species

Sustaining erotic energy

  • Able to maintain a level of erotic charge
  • Training to increase capacity to sustain pleasure
  • Can ‘hang out’ in the Valley of the Orgasm
  • Able to hold erotic charge through orgasm, and retain
  • Sustains a level of consistency in libido, with natural ebb and flow

Moving erotic energy

  • Can pump erotic energy through the body through:
    • kegels
    • the microcosmic orbit
    • pelvic thrusting
    • hip opening movements and poses
    • exercise of the pelvis or pelvic floor muscles
  • Can allow sexual charge to move beyond the genitals and circulate throughout the body
  • Can allow the mind to soften, and embrace the slipping away of time and space
  • Utilizes both Muscular excitement (Constriction) and muscle relaxation to build charge

Sharing erotic energy

  • Able to dissolve personal boundaries
  • Can merge with another energetically
  • Can feel a field of erotic energy shared between self and others
  • Can allow own erotic field to open to include natural world

This list is about some of the energetic possibilities that we can access as humans. It is not exhaustive, and while many people can probably access some of these skills, most people probably cannot access all of them, all of the time. I know I can’t! So not to be disheartened if this list seems overwhelming; it’s just potentials!

Questions To Ask Yourself

Are there any skills listed above that you’re already practicing?

Which skills are you curious about exploring further by yourself or with a partner?

Suggested Practice

If you are intrigued by your own erotic potential, I invite you to try this. Masturbate to the edge of orgasm, and stop. And pay particular attention to how you feel and what you notice internally for the next hour. Then, masturbate again, and notice what happens.

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