Erotic Artists to Follow on Instagram

Author :- Ray Motta June 7, 2020, 11 a.m.
Erotic Artists to Follow on Instagram

Who said Instagram is just to see pictures of tasty food, what’s going on in your crush’s life and find references for organized feeds? Social media can also be a place to inspire you when it comes to sex. 

Not only porn movies and short stories, but even live eroticism on the internet. Even with all the Instagram restrictions (the social network forbids nudity and female nipples, for example), it's possible to fit some profiles into the feed to get inspired in a different way: in the field of erotic art.

With a different vision and focus on female pleasure, the illustrators have been surprising: they stand out with drawings that escape the conventional. Without anything very explicit, subtlety is the watchword in these profiles, which stimulate the imagination.

Whether alone or with others, here’s a selection of 7 erotic profiles that will turn you on and fill you with ideas. Check it out!

Regards Coupables | @ regards_coupables

The minimalist illustrations show all kinds of love and sex without much ado and detail, but that alone can deliver everything a fan of eroticism needs to have fun. Regards Coupables clearly wants you to let your imagination run wild.


Fabio Bacchini | @_baccc

Created from a single unending line, Bacchini's figures flow into each other in a way that oozes burning sensuality. Whether his art features a lone body or cluster of them, his observation of the human anatomy is astounding.


Petites Luxures | @petitesluxures

The French profile was created in 2014, and since then has attracted over million followers. The incomplete, minimalist doodles leave a lot to the imagination! The name is French for 'small sensual pleasures'.


Flowsofly | @flowsofly

Flowsofly's illustrations are minimal and their forms are almost always entangled and incomplete. Through the lines he creates simple illustrations, sometimes full of tenderness and other intense and daring.


Aaron Tsuru | @tsurufoto

Aaron Tsuru is a Hong Kong trans artist who has become a reference on social networks when it comes to erotic art. With her drawings, she inspires and also militates. "Why are nipples, body hair or trans and non-binary people still political discussions?"


Frida Castelli | @fridacastelli

The Italian illustrator brings everyday scenes with erotic pinches. "It's like an open diary. I want to connect with my own feelings and thoughts, and drawing does that," she says.


Tina Maria Elena Bak (@tinamariaelena

The main theme is love and love making. Her work is more about worshiping masculine and feminine energies and communicating in a language of love.