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Episode 3: Chicken and Dragon

Gaia Morrisette Apr 18 2020

Episode 3: Chicken and Dragon

Dragon is a doctor turned motivational speaker, personal growth guru and health transformation coach. Chicken is an actress turned sexologist, relationship, fetish and kink coach. And together, they are going out of their minds, and into the hearts of so many people.

Join Tickle.Life and Gaia to know more about the adventures of dragon and chicken. From meeting on Bumble, moving in together within two weeks to sexploration and marriage. They’re on their journey, merging together the chicken coop and dragon’s lair. 

We discuss the dragon’s desire to serve the pleasure of chicken, and chicken’s choice of shy vanilla sex despite being a kink and fetish coach. She explores sexuality through other people, “The more I  learn about others, the more I learn about myself.” Being intimate with each other gives them the drive and purpose for the day. 

They discuss sleeping nude, the power exchange in their relationship, what drives them to be sexual and more!

Check out their Podcast: "Rise up with chicken and dragon"

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