Episode 86: Sex, Ethics and Morality

Author :- Gaia Morrissette June 7, 2020, 10:59 a.m.
Episode 86: Sex, Ethics and Morality

Holistic Sexual Wellness, BDSM Wellness & Trauma Recovery Specialist, Gaia Morrissette explores the concepts of ethics and morality in human sexuality.

Listen to "Sex, Ethics and Morality - The Right or Wrong of Sex Ep.86" on Spreaker.

Content Warning : Swearing, Laughter, Sexuality, Spanking, Morals, Ethics, Judgement and Sexual Shame

Gaia Covers on today show:

  1. What is Sex?
  2. What is Morality?
  3. What is Ethics?
  4. Creating your Ethical Code of Conduct
  5. Defining what it means to do no harm to yourself or other
  6. Letting go of judgement and shame
  7. Tool to have sexual acceptance
  8. Resources for support

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