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Episode 71: Low Sex Drive/ Libido

Gaia Morrissette  |  Nov 14 2019

Episode 71: Low Sex Drive/ Libido

After having many conversations with couples, clients,students and friends about sexual arousal, #sexdrive, horniness and libido. It was time for a podcast episode on it.

Listen to "Ep. 71- Low Sex Drive/Libido/Arousal And Why" on Spreaker.

Content Warning : Swearing, Talking about Sex, Laughter, Pleasure, Libido, Horniness, Sexual Arousal, Rapid breathing, Orgasmic release

Gaia Covers on today show:

  • What is sex drive, libido and arousal?
  • What creates arousal : Physical, Psychological and Energy
  • What is your low, medium and high arousal space
  • How you can conscious choose and increase your arousal levels in your body
  • Gaia demo’s rapid breathing to awaken your arousal in the body

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