Episode 7: L is for Labels

Author :- Professor Sex June 7, 2020, 11 a.m.
Episode 7: L is for Labels

Rob and Angel discuss gender and sexual identity labels used by US high school students. 

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Links and Resources from the episode: 

White, A. E., Moeller, J., Ivcevic, Z., & Brackett, M. A. (2018). Gender identity and sexual identity labels used by U.S. high school students: A co-occurrence network analysis. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 5(2), 243–252. 

Graphs from the article 

Mercedes Mehling

Van Anders, S. M. (2015). Beyond sexual orientation: Integrating gender/sex and diverse sexualities via sexual configurations theory. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 44(5), 1177-1213. 

Plöderl, M., Sellmeier, M., Fartacek, C. et al. Explaining the Suicide Risk of Sexual Minority Individuals by Contrasting the Minority Stress Model with Suicide Models. Arch Sex Behav 43, 1559–1570 (2014). 

Try Not to Be a Dick: A brief lit-review on the lasting impact of coming out. 

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