Does Pregnancy Safe Sex-Toys Exist?

Author :- Sexual Revelation March 15, 2021, 8:33 p.m.
Does Pregnancy Safe Sex-Toys Exist?

Have you ever imagined how to enjoy sex when you are pregnant? Do you have doubts about using a sex toy when you are pregnant? Well, it’s okay to have weird thoughts but the truth is that you are pregnant, not sick. Yes, pregnancy-safe sex toys exist and you have access to gain maximum pleasure whether you are with-child or not. As far as you are comfortable using sex toys then you are free to enjoy deep dicking to the fullest. You can still catch the fun solely or with your partner. Thanks to pregnancy sex toys.

Pregnancy and sex toys

Using a toy is not a problem, the main thing is keeping it clean to prevent vaginal infection.

Another thing is; before using sex toys, tell your doctor to know the basic toys you should use to avoid using the one that will hurt the fetus.

You already know that pregnancy comes with an increase in blood flow and raging hormones, sex toys could come in handy to achieve optimum orgasm and intense sensation. Read up the reasons why you need sex accessories to get deeper information.

No matter how hard you may enjoy your sex to be, make sure you are not rough with the toys. Some of these toys can be harder than a penis, and I am sure you don’t want to inflict such pain on your cervix. It could result in bleeding which is not a good omen.

Try to stay away from big toys. Already the spot down there is tender and it is even more tender during pregnancy. You can’t afford injuries at this point so it’s best to pack up the big toys till after pregnancy.

Pleasure is made for all and sundry but while at it, make sure you are being careful. If you feel hurt or uncomfortable, avoid using sex toys until you are normal again. Not just sex toys but sex in general during pregnancy.

Using a sex toy during pregnancy, does the baby know?

Babies have always been lovely creatures from birth. Permit me to tell you that they aren’t even aware of what’s going on. They don’t see the penis entering your vagina, they can’t even say when it's a vibrator or a bumper. The baby is an enclosed sac, safely confined in the darkness of the womb so they don’t even know what’s going on. They can’t even tell when you are having sex. This is why you should avoid rough and big toys so you don’t end up hurting an innocent baby.

At times, due to how beautiful creation is, babies were made to feel it instead. They could sense the rhythmic rocking of the womb during sex and the contraction from orgasm. Most at times, babies are even inactive after orgasm because the contraction lures them to sleep.

Kinds of sex toys to be used during pregnancy

The best kinds of toys are phthalate-free. Phthalates are materials used to soften the plastics to make them flexible. This material is very toxic to developing children and can affect the development of hormones. This is why it was removed from the children’s toy. The toxins have been found out to be associated with health problems which are fertility and irritation of the cervical lining.

Make sure the toys are of high quality. No matter the kind of toy you want to use, make sure they are not too cheap. Most of these cheap toys are made from these toxic plastics and they are harmful.

Generally, sex toy industries do not have regulations. The manufacturers can use any material and still label it phthalate-free. So, be careful when making purchases and beware of cheap toys. For a toy to be cheap, there is a reason for it. Usually, high-quality material is what distinguishes each other from another. Always remember that what goes into your body can affect your baby so always choose the best.

Can an internal sex toy be used?

The answer is yes! However, try not to go too deep or being forceful with it. If you experience pain along the line, please be advised to stop. When the toys are inserted into the body, they don’t pierce the placenta because the mucous plug seals the cervical canal thereby protecting the baby from external harm. Always be gentle while using internal sex toys because the materials are harder and stiffer than a penis.

On some occasions, you might be forced to avoid internal toys. The reasons are;

  • when you are warned not to have sex.
  • when you have a low-lying placenta.
  • in the case of the weak cervix.
  • if you have an active vaginal infection.
  • when there is a risk of premature labor.

Do you think the vibrations hurt?

No, it doesn’t because amniotic fluids protect the baby. So the baby has no idea of what’s happening. Feel free to use your vibrator.

You might even want to make your own custom vibrator too. If you want to experiment with making your own vibrator, it can be a fun and safe way to still enjoy pleasure while pregnant.

Can my partner cum inside me?

There is no how you could have sex during pregnancy and your partner won’t cum. Although cumming is inside you is a yes and no option. There should be no fear of pregnancy because it’s already there. You shouldn’t have to worry about taking birth control pills. Ejaculation is not advisable only when you are running the risk of preterm labor. Apart from it, you are free to do your thing. In fact, in the cases of overdue labor, the doctor suggests ejaculation to hasten up delivery. Just be careful with the whole exercise. Just learn how to stop painful sex and you are good to go.

There are so many myths about pregnancy and sex. Some people could tell you to avoid sex toys, some others will even go as far as discouraging you from having sex but all of this is false. Nine months is such a long time to be sexually disconnected from your partner.

Even a pregnant woman deserves pleasure because pregnancy is not a curse. Like sex, masturbating while pregnant is safe. Do not ignore your urges. Pregnancy even makes the body more sensitive to sex. You have your doctor to guide you on any difficulties you are facing. He/she will tell you the right toys to use, when to stop, and how to use them.

Sex toys are, definitely, not an instrument of harm. If it’s a vibrator that can make you extremely horny, use it. If what you need is a G-spot vibrator to come down rippling in orgasm, don’t hesitate to do so. It is extremely safe to use toys when you are pregnant.

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