Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

Author :- Dr. Trina Read June 10, 2020, 9:54 a.m.
Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

Can certain foods truly stimulate sexual desire, or is it all in our heads? For example, anything shaped like a penis--like asparagus--was thought to be sexually stimulating to both sexes (why are we not surprised?). Remember not to giggle the next time you delicately bite the head off of an asparagus spear.

Research shows there is no truth to the idea that once you eat a certain food, you will immediately feel sexual desire.

Healthy foods can provide a much needed boost to our bodies, helping us to feel more sexual.

As well, when it comes to food we should never underestimate the power of sensual suggestion.


Dubbed ‘The Nectar of Aphrodite’, this all-natural sweetener is at the root of the expression honeymoon.

Chili Peppers

The chili heat releases endorphins, the primary pleasure enzyme.


Served pickled, candied or in the raw, ginger increases sensitivity in the erogenous zones.


The aphrodisiac properties of chocolate are many. Nibble on a dark piece for its serotonin boost.


It’s a scent is found to be equally arousing to both men and women.

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