Discover sexuality this June with Tickle.Life!

Tickle.Life Editorial Team  |  May 31 2020

Discover sexuality this June with Tickle.Life!

It has been surprising on how a pandemic has changed the tide this year when it comes to sexuality. More people are at their homes, probably with their families, and facing complexities that hitherto existed to the bare minimum.

It has also brought many people, movements and content online. People are online more than ever, and asking pertinent questions to re-focus the sex-positive arena.

People are expressing solidarity and collectivizing, and at such a juncture it becomes very important to have resources to educate oneself and make an informed opinion.

This June, Tickle.Life presents to you Discovering Sexuality, with a special focus on Intersectionality, Pride Month, Adult Sex Education Month and Men's Health Month. From questions about what sexuality really is to how to navigate being sexual in your 50s, we've got you covered. Keep visiting our page this month for more information!

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