Did you know there are many different kinds and levels of Orgasms

Author :- Gaia Morrissette June 13, 2020, 6:04 p.m.
Did you know there are many different kinds and levels of Orgasms

Let’s talk about orgasms! Weeeeee!!!!! But before we get into the fun, let’s touch on the difference between achieving orgasms and having orgasmic pleasure and experiences.

Achieving Orgasm: The idea and language around the phrase “achieving orgasm” sets many vagina owners up for missing out on orgasm altogether, and that leads to everyone involved feeling bad about it. This article is written with the vagina orgasms in mind, but a lot of the information can also be applied to penis orgasmic experience. (P.S. Penis owners – there is a difference between your ejaculation and orgasm. I will write about that another time.) As I have talked about in other articles, orgasmic pleasure is the happy by-product of surrendering to pleasure. The more it becomes about the goal of orgasm as an outcome, the further away you get from truly orgasmic pleasure and bliss. SO STOP TRYING TO HAVE OR ACHIEVE ORGASMS!!! JUST SURRENDER TO RECEIVING PLEASURE AND ORGASMIC EXPERIENCES WILL FOLLOW. I promise.

Okay, now let’s get into the fun stuff.

Experiencing Orgasmic Pleasure: Orgasmic pleasure can happen in many different parts of your body once your erogenous zones are fully awake. To learn all about the erogenous zones, read my article “Erogenous Zones 101.” See, most people are so focused solely on orgasmic possibilities that stem from direct stimulus to the genital area. I say, as long as you believe in that one kind of orgasm, you are missing out on a world of epic orgasmic pleasure! I have been able to experience toe-gasms , knee-gasms and my favorite, armpit orgasm… I know crazy.

Let me tell you a story:“Once upon a time when I was 29-years-old, I had a lover giving me a massage on my back when he lightly touched my armpit. At first it tickled and I pulled away. He then started to pay more attention and changed his pressure from feather-light, adding a LITTLE bit more pressure. It was crazy, the pleasure was ripping through my whole body I was screaming and writhing. In that moment, my whole body was having a full body (including my vagina) orgasm. When it was done I started to laugh and said to my lover, “You gave me my first armpit orgasm. Thanks for deflowering my armpits.”

You see, I had never let anyone touch my armpit before that. Only I had ever touched that part of my body and I never imagined such an amazing orgasmic experience was possible from my armpit. That moment opened me up to truly understanding that all the rest of my body was just waiting to give me epic full body orgasmic bliss, all I had to do was change my old beliefs that orgasm only happens in my genitals.

I hope my personal story has opened up your thoughts to giving your body and mind the opportunity to experience more orgasmic pleasure.

In my orgasmic life adventure I have been blessed to have experienced hundreds of different types of orgasms from the hair on my head all the way down to my toes, including but not just focusing on clitoris, vaginal, anal, g-spot, and breast orgasms, and in a variety of combinations and intensities. You might think, “Sure Gaia, that’s easy for you to say. It’s easy for you.” It is only easy for me because I have spent my life making pleasure an important priority (and not just sexual pleasure). I spend time self- exploring once every two weeks to awaken my body to new sensations and orgasmic pleasure possibilities. I always find something new about my body and new orgasmic pleasure experiences that I can then share with my lovers so they can add it to their bag of orgasmic tricks.

Repeat after me: “Orgasmic possibilities are endless as long as I surrender to receiving pleasure! Orgasmic experiences are a by-product of my body and mind surrendering to receiving pleasure!”

Now say those two statements out loud three times every day for two weeks and see what happens.

Remember, I spend time and energy to awaken and teach my body that it can lose control and completely surrender to orgasmic pleasure. If you want to be able to experience unbelievable orgasmic pleasure in your body then please read “Say Yes to Pleasure” and Saying Yes & More Please to Pleasure.” These two articles have great exercises to start your training. For more in-depth explorations check out my online courses:

Remember if you are struggling, uncomfortable, or need more support, I am here. Just contact me at www.succulentliving.com. You don’t need to feel alone.

I give you permission to enjoy your orgasmic pleasure possibilities today!!

Until next time I hope you can experience some new orgasmic possibilities!!

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash