Dating During Covid-19: Seven Ways To Do It Safely

Author :- Dr. Diana Kirschner May 18, 2021, 10:24 p.m.
Dating During Covid-19: Seven Ways To Do It Safely

There’s been a lot of bad news about not dating during Covid-19. There are risks to be sure. And at this writing 170,000 people have died from the pandemic. So you have to be careful if you do proceed. The good news is that guys are reaching out more because there is a desire for connection.  Because they are working alone at home, cancelling all travel and other social plans.  They feel very lonely and isolated.  They know now more than ever that they need companionship and love.  Socrisis equals opportunity!

Jeanette starts dating during Covid-19

And that opportunity happened to Jeanette. Jeannette, a single 46-year-old paralegal, found herself working at home for her law firm.  She felt lonely and alone in her small one-bedroom apartment, even though it overlooked a lovely nearby park.  Spurred on by only having a few cardinals for company, Jeannette got busy.  She decided that she had to try dating during Covid-19. So she took lots of new photos of herself using a selfie stick and scored one great one where she was looking warmly into the camera with a great twinkly smile. Jeannette then got more active on a large dating site and a popular app.

Along came Dave, whose profile was intriguing, although his photo didn’t immediately ignite sparks.  As they messaged and texted they found lots in common, including a shared sense of humor and a strong interest in sci fi and astronomy.  Jeannette loved Dave’s upbeat attitude about turning the pandemic lock-down into a fun foray into his new interest:  YouTube videos of the surface of Mars.  They shared many exciting virtual Zoom dates where they watched footage of Mars as well sci fi movies and stimulating lectures about the emergence of anti-gravity cars together.

After a few weeks they met at a local outdoor cafe wearing masks and shared many hours of conversation and speculation about the future.  As they casually linked arms, sparks began to fly between them.  They decided to each have a Covid test and then meet without masks.  After some amazing kisses, the rest was history.  A few months later they were quarantining together in Jeannette’s cozy apartment.

Can dating during Covid-19 lead to romance?

In fact on many apps and sites, coronavirus has become one of the top icebreakers in initial messages to new matches. Social distancing is like being in a pod similar to what the contestants are placed into on the reality show Love is Blind. Couples are matched and meet without seeing each other.  Two couples  found true lasting love on that show!  You can too!

Plus more people are now finding long distance love on the internet.  They spend up to several months getting to know each other before arranging a trip to meet.  (I’ve heard great stories of people from different countries meeting on Facebook or Dating sites — and the relationships actually end up working out!)

Here then are seven great opportunities that you can take advantage of dating during Covid-19 and for more check out the video below on dating during covid-19:

You get to know new matches more quickly

This is a great time to get to know someone quickly—it is like being thrown into a life-raft together in the middle of a storm.  Are they proactive?  In denial about what is happening or super risk-takers? Are they germophobes? Caretakers?  How do they respond to crisis? Making lemonade out of the pandemic lemons?  Super worried or laughing about what is happening and sending you funny videos about toilet paper? You can get lots of info about your new matches right away.

You can learn about how closely a guy truly matches with you

You now have a chance to quickly connect to new matches at a deeper level, rather than just on the level of appearance. You can get to know each other’s core personalities, whether you are both on the same wavelength, or have similar values, goals and styles of relating.

Use lots of virtual contact—talk and get to know each other via texts and calls.  Be sure to Facetime, Skype or Zoom so you can get some visuals. Go on virtual dates.

You weed out the players

Guys who just want a booty call will not hang in there as you date virtually.  They are not really interested in getting to know you.  If they sense you are not going to hook-up quickly they will move on.  This is great for saving you from heartbreak.

You can date 3 guys at the same time

I strongly advise women to date three men casually at the same time, with no sex. This enables you to get to know who really meets the calling of your heart.  It also empowers you, where you feel more desirable and attractive. And it helps you avoid disappointment and heartbreak–when one guy falls away, you can turn to another one.  Since you have more time in your schedule, because of not needing to commute, etc,  you can more easily do the dating program of 3 and have lots of fun!

Virtual Date Ideas

Have happy hour together on Skype or Zoom.  Watch YouTube videos about your shared interests—for example, on the latest photos from Mars, keto-diet suggestions, or cool workout programs  and discuss the videos.  Or watch a movie together as you video-chat about it.  Play a multi-person online game. You can also cook a meal, or exercise while he does the same and video chat about it

Safe in-person dating ideas

First, check with your government guidelines re being able to get together.  There may be places where this is frowned upon. But, if you feel an exceptional connection and attraction meet for a short date only.

On the other hand, if you are older or have a health condition that puts you at greater risk, put off meeting in person until after the pandemic is over. You can still have the relationship unfold virtually in a great way.

How to make a first date work out safely and well

Before you meet, ask, How are you feeling today?  And let him know, I am feeling great! Do not meet face-to-face if either of you is not feeling great.

Do not go to his place or have him over to yours for a first date.  This is too much too soon.  It puts you at risk for contracting the virus, or having premature sex, or something worse if he is a bad egg!  Instead go for a walk. When you first meet, do not hug.  Just smile and blow some kisses his way.  End the date the same way.  If the chemistry is there it will still be there! Don’t be too physical, i.e., do not hold hands or kiss.

If you do go for some take-out food, take sanitizer, clean up an outside table and have a meal.  Do not drink from the same glass or eat from the same plate. Wash up after the date.

Dating during Covid-19 presents real opportunities for romance and love.  But if you are feeling anxious, stressed, lonely, or uncertain about dating, definitely take advantage of a Breakthrough-To-Love Session with one of my expert coaches. You can have the support you need and deserve.

Originally published on Love in 90 Days.

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