Cum Fetish?

Author :- TenWays ToTouch Aug. 2, 2020, 12:33 p.m.
Cum Fetish?

Is it possible for cum to be a fetish?

I think so. I’ve been reflecting on the topic of my cum fetish for a while. I guess it’s not something that comes up in conversation very often. It’s not like you can just call up a friend. And strike up a conversation about how you love the look of your cum glistening on a woman’s skin.

A little while ago I tweeted a “Random, highly specific craving” about cum…

Random, highly specific craving #146- The way you look when you’re wearing my cum. No matter where it falls, whether it’s on you or leaking out of you.

The way you wear it with pride. The way that seeing you like that makes me so horny I just need to have you all over again…

It seemed like this struck a chord with a lot of people and I have to admit I was a little surprised. I guess I had always thought that I was a bit strange for feeling this way (emphasis on the “money shot” in almost all porn aside), or at least that most women didn’t enjoy this sort of thing very much.

It seems that perhaps I was wrong…??

This is one of my favorite things about my blog. So many of the fetishes I identify with aren’t really taboo at all. In fact, it seems like many of them are shared by lots of other people.

Fuck! If we could just be a little more open and vulnerable with each other, what might we discover?

Anyway, I’ve digressed. Those responses got me thinking. What is it that turns me on so much about a woman all dressed up in my cum, or even someone else’s?

I’m not a big fan of watching women squint through bloodshot eyes full of jizz, so I don’t think it plays into any kind of sadism for me. However, almost every other cum shot is a huge turn on, especially when it’s live and in person.

I think mostly it’s about two really visceral things:

1) Ownership-

Seeing you there, glistening before me, accepting my seed. Mmmm…kitten. I’ve marked you. You’re mine. You’re wearing my essence and the fact that you’re not running off immediately to clean yourself up shows me just how much you like wearing that banner.

2) Slutiness-

Yep, it’s dirty. I think the word slut gets way too much bad press, so when I use it here, understand that I mean it in the best possible way. Deep down I think most of us love a beautiful little slut.

Someone that will do all the dirty things that we want to do. Someone that really, really enjoys doing them with us. Like almost everyone else, I want soooo badly to be wanted.

You wanting me is sexy as fuck! Wearing my cum, letting it seep out of you while I watch just gives me those warm fuzzy’s. It makes me feel like you want me.

It says, “You may have just covered me with nasty white slime, but even so, I still want to be here with you, doing this. Not even! I love doing this. Your cum is a part of you and I want you all over me”.

There are, of course, other reasons that I love it when you’re coated in baby batter. I like the way it feels when I press against you. The way it’s hot and sticky and cements us together.

Jizz is just such a tactile fluid. It somehow manages to be slippery and sticky all at once. It’s hot but cools fast. It smells…different.

Not immediately pleasing like the smell of a flower or a good meal but not entirely offensive either. When it’s mixed with your scent it smells like…sex. Yum!

And yet, I’ve never tasted my own spunk. Well, at least not directly, for its own sake. Something about scooping it up after I’ve masturbated seems weird to me. Like eating your boogers or something like that.

Yet, I’ll happily lick it out of you after we fuck or suck it off your nipples if it lands there.

I think if I ever do manage to come in someone’s mouth I’d be falling all over myself to kiss them after. Tasting my cock on your lips is an enormous turn on for me.

Mmmm…a vision of you, smiling, on your knees before me, covered in thick ropes of cum. It definitely gets the juices flowing.

Photo by Stuart F Taylor.