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Read on to find why the story is called 'Cranberry'!

The sun was shining, alone in the sky with no clouds in sight to keep it company. It was directly overhead, beating down onto Sara’s body, which was almost fully exposed except for her brand new bikini which she just purchased for the trip. In fact, she had seven brand new bikinis; one for every day she was going to be there. She couldn’t be seen wearing the same suit twice while at the resort or on the beach. Harrison, her boyfriend, didn’t understand. He didn’t care if he wore the same pair of swim trunks every day. But, as Sara knew, no one would be paying attention to Harrison while they were in the Dominican Republic. All eyes would be on her, as usual. 

Ugh, what’s taking him so long? Sara thought Harrison should be back by now. He went to get beers for them at least 20 minutes ago. Oh well, she thought. They just better not be warm by the time he gets back, she thought

She stared through her sunglasses, straight up at the blue sky as she lay on the beach sand. The waves rolling in peacefully and rhythmically kept hugging her body, each time higher and higher as the tide came in. First reaching her toes, then her calves; and then reaching her hips. At this point she sat up and moved her bag and towels back a few feet. She shuffled back in the sand, with a thin layer of sand grains clinging to her thighs and her elbows. She brushed it all off her and glanced around the beach, people watching in her surroundings. 

‘People watching’ was one of Sara’s favorite activities. There were a few families with kids, but most people at this resort were couples. She loved checking out the couples. Old couples, young couples, some couples with age differences. Amazing how so many ugly people have no shame in how much of their body they show off, she thought. She couldn’t help but to think how unfair it was to her. These people get to look at her; the mid-twenties, health conscious thin girl, who jogs five miles a day, and she had to look at these people; overweight, sunburned hicks with four chins who look like they haven’t walked a mile in 10 years. Pathetic, she thought. 

There was one couple she saw that looked like they deserved to be on a beach showing their skin. That couple kept catching her eye on the resort. At the restaurants, at the beach, and on one of their excursions. They seemed to be about the same age as Harrison and her. They were both hot. 

That’s the cool thing about being bisexual. When you see a hot couple, you want to fuck both of them. 

Damn, she thought, now she was craving pussy. Her mind was wandering and couldn’t help but to think about the last time she was with a girl. It was only about a week before, and Harrison absolutely did not know about it. He’ll never know about it. She loved Harrison, but there was something about being with a woman that’s on such a different level. It’s not cheating, she reasoned, since it’s not another guy.

“Here you go babe.” Harrison burst her daydream bubble and handed her a warm beer. 

“Thanks Harry,” she said. About fucking time, she thought.

“Sorry it took so long, I’m not feeling too good,” Harrison said with a grimace.

“Oh shit, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, maybe it was something I ate,” he replied.

“Want to go back to the room?”

“Yeah I probably should,” he said. 

“Ok come on, let’s go,” she said.

Sara, however, absolutely did not want to go back to the room. She came here for the beach, god damn it, and she wanted to enjoy the beach. She reluctantly walked with him down the path back to the resort and up the stairs The cool rush of air from the air conditioning hit their faces as they opened the door, and Harrison immediately collapsed on the bed, and was asleep within minutes. 

Awesome. We came all this way, Sara thought, and we’re sitting here in this room. She sat on the bed, next to Harrison, grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Oh cool, it’s Shark Week. Perfect timing, she thought; of all the weeks for it to be Shark Week, it had to be the week that she was at the ocean. All the channels were in Spanish, so that was fun. No me gusta, she thought. 

The aftertaste of the warm beer was lingering. Sara needed a real drink. Something stronger than beer. She checked out the mini bar, but it was empty. Not even ten dollar teeny tiny bottles of vodka? Come on. She looked over at her unconscious boyfriend lying lifeless on the bed. Useless, she thought. Why am I here with this useless person? I deserve way better. All the guys I’ve turned down since I’ve been with him, she thought. But his family is rich and he’s a good fuck, so he’s good enough for now until something better comes along. 

Ok, fuck this, she thought. She needed to go down to the bar. The sound of music pulsated from down below. People out there having fun.

People drinking real drinks. People not asleep in their rooms. Sara grabbed her key, dressed only in that new bikini, and headed down to the bar. She tucked the plastic key card into the hip area of her bikini bottoms as she approached the bar. 

“Can I get a rum punch, por favor?” she asked the bartender. 

“Si,” he replied. 

Sara sat on the barstool and checked out her surroundings. The sun was going down at this point, and the place was hopping. The DJ was playing some hardcore techno music, which Sara could take it or leave it, but the patrons were having a good time. Sara was thinking that she didn’t remember seeing anywhere close to this amount of young people in the previous three nights they were there. The pool was right next to the bar, and it seemed to be full of every young person staying at the resort that week.

That is, everyone except Harrison. Ugh, what a buzzkill. 

This was hilarious, though. It was “foam party” day, apparently, so there was a shit ton of something that looked like shaving cream everywhere, coating everyone’s bodies. It looked like a good time. She wanted to be part of this. Not the boringness that was happening upstairs.

“Here you go, young lady,” the bartender said as he sat her rum punch down beside her. 

“Thanks,” she said, glancing back around at the pool. 

That’s when she saw her. That one girl who kept catching her eye on the resort. But there was something different. Oh yeah, she didn’t have her man with her. Oh my god, Sara thought; she’s coming closer. Did she notice me stalking her, or checking her out, she wondered?

“Hey, I’m Candace,” the girl said as she approached the bar, and stood directly next to where Sara was sitting. She was dressed the same as Sara, in her bikini, and she wore it well. Her hair was damp and her skin was wet, as she clearly just came out of the ocean. The top was showing a generous amount of cleavage, and the weight of the water on her suit clung to her perfectly shaped breasts, so much so that both of her nipples were pushing through. She was wearing the bottoms a little lower than they were designed to be worn, which made Sara linger her eyes just a little too long imagining what was beneath.

“I’m Sara,” she said, with a nervous smirk.

“Mind if I sit here?”

“No, go for it.” Sara said. Why did she want to sit next to her? Her mind was racing.

“You’re cute,” Candace said, while scanning her body.

“Aww, thanks,” Sara responded. “So are you.”

“Hey, weren’t you here with a guy before?” Candace asked while looking around.

“Oh, yeah, my boyfriend, Harrison. He wasn’t feeling well so he went back up to the room to rest.” Oh god, what’s with all the questions?

“Shame. Pretty girl all by herself at the bar. That’s no fun,” Candace said, while making a pouty face that was about as sarcastic as it was offensive.

Ok this was getting a little weird now, Sara thought.

“Hey my boyfriend and I are having a little party up in our suite if you want to join us,” Candace said, while sucking the last of her rum punch through the straw. “We’ve got drinks and some food. Come on, you look like you could use some fun.”

Ah, that’s where boytoy was. Hosting a party. So, what, was Candace just down here recruiting more people for the party? Sara thought she was either about to have a good time or be murdered. Both of which were better options than boredom. So she agreed to go.

“Okay,” Sara shrugged and got up from the stool.

“Perfect,” Candace grinned.

Candace took her by the hand, smiling, and led her around the pool to the building where her suite was, and up the steps to her floor.

“Here’s us,” Candace said as she swiped the key card, then opened the door.

It was profoundly quiet for there to be a party to be going on. Sara entered and the door closed behind her. The room was extremely dark, and as her eyes adjusted, she saw that it was basically empty except for one person. He was a guy about her age, laying on the bed. The boyfriend? He was wearing only swimming trunks and his mostly hairless, athletic chest was exposed. He was thin, but you could tell he worked out. His tan was a little too perfect, but it worked for him. His face was cute, just enough stubble so that he wasn’t cleanshaven but not enough to say he head a beard.

“Sara, this is Mark. Mark, Sara,” Candace gestured with absolute bare minimum effort.

Mark got off the bed and approached Sara to say hi. He stuck his hand out, seemingly to shake. Sara obliged by sticking out her hand. Mark took her hand and softly kissed the back it, his stubble gently tickling her soft skin.

“Hi there,” He said. “I’m glad Candace found you.”

Found her? What the fuck?                     

“So where’s the party? I thought there was a party,” Sara asked, looking around. Her nerves were starting to show.

“Honey, we are the party,” Candace replied.

“You know what? I think I should be going, I’m feeling kind of tired,” Sara said, glancing back toward the door.

“Darling, you’re don’t have to go anywhere,” Candace said as she handed her a glass of red wine. “We’re having a party. Don’t you want to have a party?”

Yes, Sara thought. She did. But this was not what she had in mind.

“Why don’t you sit on the sofa, honey,” Candace said, motioning toward said piece of furniture.

Sara sipped her wine, then set it down on the table as she sat. Yolo, she thought.

Candace sat down next to Sara on the couch, her own glass of wine in hand, as Mark sat on the chair next to the couch. He had what looked like a glass of bourbon in his hand.

“So, Sara, what are you doing in the Dominican all by yourself?” Mark asked, sipping his drink.

“Oh, my boyfriend is in our room, sleeping,” Sara replied. “He’s not up for a party, haha.”

“Too bad,” Mark said, with no attempt at all to sound like he meant either word.

The way Mark sat in the chair, the outline of his penis was clearly visible pushing on the fabric of his swimming trunks. Nice size, Sara thought. Candace is a lucky girl. Wait, was he hard?

Candace was kneeling on the couch, so close to Sara that her right breast was touching Sara’s shoulder. Her bikini was still damp from being in the water, and she could feel her nipple through her top pressing on Sara’s skin.

“We think you’re cute, Sara,” Candace said. She sat down her glass and touched Sara’s arms. “What do you think of us?”

“Um, you guys are cute too,” Sara said. She knew where this was going. It wasn’t the first time she was being recruited for a threesome. Ironically it was usually Harrison who was trying to get Sara to recruit her friends to have threesomes with them. “But, I…I have a boyfriend.”

“We know,” Mark said. “You’re free to go, anytime.” He pointed to the door.

Sara didn’t want to go, though. She didn’t know what was about to happen next, and she loved it. If she left, she knew there would be more shark week in Spanish, and probably a lot of masturbation, next to a sleeping Harrison.

“So, Sara,” Mark proposed taking another swig of bourbon, “How do you feel about BDSM?”

Well that took Sara off guard.

“I like the porns, haha,” she laughed nervously. “I’ve never tried it, but I have an open mind. I’m down for it”

“Good,” Mark smiled. “That’s what I like to hear.”

Sara chugged the last half of glass of wine and before she could set it down, Candace refilled it.

“That’s a good girl,” Candace said. “Now, one thing you must remember. The safe word around here is ‘cranberry.’ Got it? Don’t forget it. Use it if you need it.”

“Um, ok,” Sara nodded in agreement.

“Now, enough of this,” Candace turned serious. “My dear Sara, are you going to do as you’re told tonight?”

“Yes,” Sara nodded again.

“Good girl,” Candace said, petting the top of Sara’s hair as if she were a small child or a puppy.

With that, Mark set down his drink, got up from the chair, and left the room to go to the other part of the suite.

“Sweetie, why don’t you go make yourself comfortable on the bed,” Candace said, setting her glass down, and getting another eyeful of Sara’s body.

She decided to do as she was told and got on the bed. It was at that time that Mark reemerged. He was holding four sets of handcuffs. It didn’t take long for Sara to realize what they were for.

Without saying a word, Mark took each set of handcuffs and fastened her hands and feet to each bedpost. While he did this, Candace stood, staring, biting her lip, as if she were enjoying every moment.

“What are you doing?” Sara asked, unsure of what she was getting herself into.

“Shhhh,” was all Mark offered, presenting his index finger to her lip.

His other hand came into view, and Sara saw that he was holding a small paring knife. He moved the knife toward her face, making sure she saw it, then slowly brought it down toward her neck. His free hand covered her mouth so she couldn’t make a sound, and he pushed the broadside of the blade into her throat so as not to cut, but so that she knew it was there. Sara could feel her pulse gently beating against the cold metal blade; beating faster, and faster. Her breath was pushing harder and harder against the palm of his hand.

Mark let the knife rest there for what seemed like an eternity, and while keeping her mouth covered, he lowered the knife to the middle of her bikini top, cutting the string. The top sprung open, exposing Sara’s breasts. He took a second to take in the sight of his topless guest, then took the blade of the knife and softly and slowly moved it down her chest, between her breasts, over her ribcage, down her stomach to her belly button. The knife made a turn just below the belly button to her hip, then sliced the bottoms open. Sara’s newly waxed pussy was on full display.

He discarded the knife onto the bedside table and grabbed her bikini bottoms and threw them to the floor. He did the same with her top.

Sara glanced over at Candace. Candace had moved her hand into her own bikini bottoms and appeared to be fingering herself. She was biting on that lip of hers even harder, and her eyes were trained on Sara’s naked body.

“You found a good one, babe,” Mark said, looking back to Candace.

Mark got up off the bed and made his way to Candace. He took her hand from her pussy, and licked her soaked fingers.

“Mmm, I can tell you’re ready,” He said, as he kissed her.

Candace patted Mark’s cock, which at this point was rock solid

“Hmm, and I can tell you’re ready too, big boy.” She took the waistline of his swim trunks with both hands and pulled them down, revealing his throbbing unit. It had to be at least seven or seven and a half inches long. Nicely trimmed, no full bush for him. He must know the old saying that if you trim the shrubs the tree looks bigger. He had a nice situation going on down there. Mark quickly discarded Candace’s bikini as well, revealing her perky b cups, and a cleanly shaven pussy. They were a very well-groomed couple.

“I want to want to watch you punish her,” Candace said. She had a finger in her mouth, sucking on it like a lolly pop as she glanced at Sara handcuffed to the bed, then to her naked boyfriend. She took a seat on the chair that faced the bed, spread her legs and while sucking on one finger, took her other hand and started playing with her pussy. Sara could see how wet Candace was as three fingers were glistening from her pussy juices as she worked her clit and massaged inside and out.

Mark’s hands cupped Sara’s breasts, fingering her nipples and caressing her smooth skin. He sucked in her tits and Sara felt her arousal growing by the second. She felt so helpless, chained to the bed. Enslaved. Yet she’d never felt so free.

As Mark sucked on Sara’s nipples, he began working on her clit with his fingers. Sara could feel the sheets getting more and more damp. What made her even more wet was seeing Candace pleasure herself while watching all of this unfold. Sara had never been watched before.

Mark released his lips and tongue from Sara’s tits, and sat up, grasping his cock in his hand. He was straddling Sara, and she felt his warm balls on her stomach. He started jerking himself, slowly, and she could see little hints of pre-cum starting to creep out. As she watched, he brought his cock right up to her mouth.

“Suck this cock, you fucking whore,” he ordered, grabbing a fistful of her hair and yanking her head closer.

She followed her orders and opened wide, wrapper her lips around his cock and started manipulating it her tongue and sucking motions. Mark motioned his hips back and forth, allowing the shaft to go in and out in synergy with her sucking motions. She was taking all of it, all of his inches. She knew he loved how how balls felt as they swung against her chin at the same moment the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, making her emit a subtle choking sound, with each thrust.

“Yeah that’s a good girl. You like that cock?” He asked.  

“Mmm hmm,” Sara replied, garbled, as she clearly had her mouth full.

“That’s all you get, bitch,” he said as he quickly withdrew from her mouth, leaving a string of pre-cum and her saliva dripping down to her chest across her breasts. Mark retreated toward her legs, and Sara saw Candace approaching.

Candace got on the bed near Sara’s face, straddled her, and said, “Now it’s my turn.”

Candace shoved her pussy into Sara’s a face, immediately soaking her nose, cheeks and chin.

Candace used both of her hands to maneuver Sara’s head vigorously between her legs until settling it at just the right spot on her clit. Candace didn’t remove her hands from Sara’s head, and pressed it firmly into her body.

“Lick that kitty, sweetie,” She said, eyes closed, breathing heavily.

Sara felt a tongue on her own pussy as Mark took his strong hands and forced her thighs even farther apart than they already were being chained to the bedpost.

“Oh my god,” Sara said, this time with a mouthful of pussy.

“Shh, you don’t get to talk, slut!” Candace said jarring Sara’s head in response. “Just eat that pussy. Mamma wants to cum.”

Sara didn’t want to talk. Candace’s pussy tasted so sweet, it was like biting into a fresh peach. And Mark knew what he was doing. He was licking Sara’s pussy like a pro.

“The bitch tastes good, babe,” Mark said, lifting his head briefly, then quickly going back between Sara’s legs.

“Not better than me, I hope,” Candace said in return.

“Not a chance,” he assured her.

Sara was about to come. She could feel her pussy about to squirt in Mark’s face. She was to cum but she was terrified to make a noise. She didn’t want to get beaten.

Or maybe she did?

It was Candace, however, who was about to cum.

“Oh, you little shit, I’m cumming so hard on your face, oh god, you fucking cunt, fuck yes,” Candace exclaimed. That was enough to send Sara over the edge too.

She wasn’t sure if it was the fact that she was tied to the bed, or the fact that she was simultaneously making another woman orgasm, but Sara’s orgasm was intense. She shook, trembled, and convulsed as the orgasm pulsated through her body. Mark’s tongue was magical.

Candace dismounted from her position, still holding Sara’s head in her hands, and gave her a plunging kiss, full of tongue and passion. The kiss seemed to last an eternity, and as it ended and Candace pulled away, she lightly bit on Sara’s lip before playfully letting go.

“Good girl,” Candace said to Sara, moving closer to Mark.

The couple began making out, themselves, almost as if Sara wasn’t even there.

Candace turned back to Sara, who was just watching at this point.

“I want to watch you fuck that worthless slut,” She said, pointing to Sara, then looking back to Mark.

Sara was excited. She had been craving that dick ever since she saw the bulge through his trunks. She was still soaked and ready to cum more.

“Yes mistress,” Mark said, making his way back to the bed. “She’s mine.”

Oh god. That was hot as fuck, Sara thought. Mark positioned himself at the end of the bed, solid cock in hand. He teased her clit and the opening of her pussy with the tip, then slid the shaft all along the outside of her, lubing it up just right. He slid the entire cock inside her, and Sara swore she thought she felt it hit her cervix.

“Oh my god, yes,” Sara said, without even realizing it. It was a total reflex.

“For the last time, shut up whore!” Candace yelled, now sitting back in her chair playing with herself, watching.

“Silence,” Mark said, putting his hand back over Sara’s mouth. She could taste herself on his hand from when he was getting his cock wet. “God damn, girl, you’re tight, fucking sexy.”

“Is she tighter than me, babe?” Candace asked.

“Hell no, babe,” Mark replied  “This bitch is tight for being such a god damn cum dumpster.”

Mark was hitting Sara’s spot. She didn’t think anyone had ever been so deep inside her before. It felt so good. The handcuffs on her wrists and and ankles were starting to hurt, but for some reason that just made it feel better. Her orgasm was building fast again, and with each pump, each thrust, made her more and more light-headed. She was cumming, so hard this time her vision got fuzzy and her hearing and she felt like she left her body. The orgasm held for an eternity. She couldn’t breathe. She loved it.

Sara glanced at Candace who was rubbing faster and faster. She squeaked with delight as her orgasm hit; she flinched and shook to the jolt of her pleasure. As it faded she licked her fingers as if she’d just finished a sweet dessert.

Mark was starting to shake; his balls were about to empty. He was close.

He quickly pulled out, aimed at Sara’s tits,  and jerked off until a healthy stream of cum exploded from the tip of his penis, coating Sara with his warm cumshot. He kept pumping his dick until every last drop seeped out into her body.

“Oh babe, looks so yummy,” Candace said, scurrying to Sara and licking up his cum as if it were icing on a cake. She didn’t stop until the ejaculate was all swallowed down and all that was left on Sara was the wetness of saliva from Candace’s salivary glands.

Candace and Mark sat on the bed, spent, while Sara laid there still trying to catch her breath.

“You did good, kid,” Candace said, patting Sara on the shoulder.

“Yeah, you never had to say cranberry,” Mark said, winking.

With that, Candace went to the dresser and rummaged through a jewelry box, looking for something. She stopped and held up a small metal object and galloped back toward Sara. The key.

Candace removed all four sets of cuffs and discarded them onto the chair and put the key back in the box.

“Now get the fuck out of here,” Candace said. “Don’t you have a boyfriend or some bullshit.”

Harrison. Fuck.

“Yeah, unfortunately “ Sara replied.

She got her bikini back on, and headed toward the door.

“Hey,” Candace said, before Sara got out the door. “We’re here for three more nights. Just so you know.”

“Ok,” Sara said. “Thanks.”

“Bye for now,” Mark said, as Sara exited, back to her own room.

She entered, and it was as if she never left. Harrison was sound asleep, and Shark Week was still on the TV.

Sara slipped into the bathroom and hopped in the shower. She had to wash that night off of her. As the warm water fell over her body, she slipped a finger to her pussy, then inside, then two fingers slowly massaging her clit. She wanted to cum just one more time, thinking about the hot couple she just met, and hoped to meet up with again soon.

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