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COVID Connections

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COVID  Connections

The world and our daily routines are changing fast — these are uncertain and unusual times, as everyone keeps saying. Many things are out of our control at the moment, but let’s take a deep breath and focus on what we can do to find balance and keep ourselves happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

It may not be feasible to meet up for in-person dates or to see your boo as often as you’d like, but you can make quality connections from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re ISO some new COVID-companionship or just looking to keep the spark between you and your government mandated long distance bae, we have some tips for you!

So, you’re in self-quarantine..

Long distance relationships have been around since … forever. Flashback to 2008 and you’ll recall the eternal wisdom of Soulja Boy: “I just wanna kiss you, but I can’t right now — so baby kiss me thru the phone, I’ll see you later on.” Finding ways to keep you intimately connected in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic might not be priority numero uno, but we still think it’s pretty important.

Designate some QT for your cutie

  • Schedule a regular check-in for some quality quarantine-time — this is especially important for folks with multiple partners or relationships
  • Send a cute “good morning” or “good night” text (or selfie)
  • Choose a secret emoji that you send to one another when you’re missing each other
  • Use video chats to hang out virtually (FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts..)
  • Order take out, get dressed up, and hop on a video date for a virtual night out
  • Call your cutie (wild idea, we know!) and read them your favorite book
  • Write letters and mail them to one another — label them to open when you’re feeling happy, sad, overwhelmed, anxious, or in love!
  • Send them a care package and open it together on a video chat
  • Order a surprise and have it delivered right to their door. It can be something thoughtful like flowers, fun like a new toy, or practical like groceries!
  • Make a playlist together, or swap playlists, or make special playlists for one another
  • Take online personality tests and trade results (Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, love language)
  • Set goals and hold each other accountable. It’s a great time for self care: try a new workout routine, meal prep, set a budget, or do whatever else you’ve been putting off!
  • Take a virtual tour together
  • Attend a virtual concert
  • Throw a Netflix Party and chill with your date(s)
  • Find a 2 (or more!) player game online or on your phone and have some fun together

Social distancing doesn’t need to be lonely and unfulfilling. We hope this list inspires you to bridge the gap if there’s more than 6 feet between you and your partner(s) or match(es).

Be gentle with yourself, your partners, and the people around you. You might not be experiencing any impact, personally, but someone close to you probably is.

Remember that we’re all learning how to navigate this situation, and doing the best we can — we’re bound to hit stumbling blocks. Understanding that we all have different perspectives, reactions, and immune systems is key. Be safe, be smart, and — most importantly — play NICE.

Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash.

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