Courses to spice up your sex life

Author :- Chetana Chaudhury March 1, 2021, 7:33 p.m.
Courses to spice up your sex life

I am just married for 2 years. I think, it is a pretty good duration in this generation to get bored of each other . But not even once I thought that I was bored of this relationship. My partner is neither so romantic nor so a robot. He doesn't know to gift or to surprise. On the contrary I love surprises. I am spontaneous and he's systematic. He loves sports/news and I am so allergic to those. It took some time for me to learn, accept and understand few things in the beginning as it was partly arranged marriage.

Well, to answer your question, we both try to keep it interesting through romance and healthy arguments.

Initially I thought he was not so romantic but later this course on 'Spice it up' taught me it lies in small very small things.

Courses are a gateway to your heart. They provide you with appropriate information with a mix ting of spice that you ever would desire. 

How to be crazy and hot? Why man should have all the fun? We tend to talk a lot about how to make sex safe.  While informed decisions regarding sex are extremely important, we also think that sex should be fun. So, whether you want to switch things up with a long-term partner or are just adventurous by nature, courses to spice up your sex life is your thing! 

It is need of the hour, as in this pandemic - let your wild dreams and desires ooze out..

EVER glance at your beloved and find yourself wondering where all the passion has gone?

Don’t be alarmed — research shows that it can take as little as 12 months for a relationship to lose its sizzle.

In a study last year of 3,000 men and women aged between 25 and 41, researchers from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, reported that passion peaks after just a year together — and that after that things can go downhill.

The question: ‘How do we reignite the passion?’ is often posed to couples’ therapists.

But it takes more than a quick-fix. “It’s not as easy as licking whipped cream off your partner’s body." 

Putting the spice back in your sex life requires thought, energy, enthusiasm and passion.“Mundane repetitive sex occurs when little or no thought goes into it." 

“It’s crucial to keep the closeness, the intimacy and the connection with your partner, through making your relationship a priority and creating space for it. This can be the greatest aphrodisiac.”

When it comes to sex, men and women can be very different. Get on the same page — and get busy!

And courses can help you achieve so!

Redefine what you mean by sex. Passion ebbs and flows in every relationship, but romance can last forever if you make the effort. Hold hands in the movies and when you walk down the street. Lean over and give your partner a kiss just because. Be a little naughty and send a sexy text message. Do something special and unexpected for each other. In fact, anything you do together can be part of your sexual dialogue, so stop being fixated on intercourse and orgasm. Flirt; take a shower together; give each other massages; make out on the couch without thinking that it’s not  “good enough” unless you go all the way.

Learn more about how to spice up your sex life and much more fun facts through our offered courses.