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Coregasm: The exercise-induced way to have mind-blowing orgasms

Nimisha Jul 09

Coregasm: The exercise-induced way to have mind-blowing orgasms


Coregasm is as exciting and MIND BLOWINGLY amazing as it sounds. 

So what is it, anyway?

Coregasm is when you experience pleasurable spasms and ripples throughout your spicy spots when you do core/abdomen engaging exercises, like pull-ups, knee tucks, dips, etc. They usually spread through your lower body, though you may not feel it internally, and it often mimics a clitoral orgasm.

Having said that, coregasms can happen irrespective of your gender, though most research has focused exclusively on women. 

I, for one, discovered it in a rather awkward space in my gym. While everyone else was grunting doing knee tucks, I took everyone aback, by letting out a loud moan, and flustered, rushing to the bathroom. As a pansexual person, that was quite a discovery!

But do not fret, for the experience is WAY more common than you think, though. And with a little guidance on what it is, how to deal with it, and how to enjoy it, you can not only have the most amazing times of your life but be shredded in no time ;)

Why do coregasms happen?

I got quite some answers when I asked this question in a fitness group on Facebook.

Christina Ebersohl, a body mapping instructor, has some answers. 

“It’s because you are activating your pelvic floor as you contract (if you aren’t sure what that is, sit comfortably in a chair and cough a few times. The awareness you feel deep and low in your pelvis is your pelvic floor),” she wrote in the comments.

“It could be you are using your pelvic floor more than your core to pull you up, hence the orgasmic feeling. I would recommend doing some floor core awareness exercises (lay flat with arms above the head and then lowly raise into a seated hamstring stretch and focus on feeling and contracting the core. Things such as that). You may be compensating for your core because it is fatigued or weaker perhaps."

She futher wrote, "I’d also recommend squeezing the inner thighs and glutes to help keep the core contracted. This will also help stabilize the pelvic floor and reduce some of your overwhelming feelings.”

Dr. David Ley, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and Supervisor had more to shed light on this. 

He wrote to me saying, “There are a few hypotheses about such exercise-induced orgasms, but the one I find most plausible suggests that a person, usually female (such experiences are rarely reported by males) may be inadvertently stimulating their clitoris through clenching of the hips, thighs or abdomen.”

“Many people find that clenching their muscles, holding a stiff rigid position during sex or masturbation, helps them "cross the threshold" of orgasm. Such muscle tension may be replicated during some exercises, often even unconsciously,” he continued.

Is the feeling purely physical, or does it have a psychological dimension?

Coregasm can happen irrespective of whether you are interested in sex and does not often depend on how actively you are thinking about it. I for one was thinking of a million things not even remotely related to sex in that gym when I had my moan moment. 

The answer to this is hence complex since coregasm has not been studied in detail yet. Dr. David Ley has quite some insights to shed light on this. 

“Reports of such experiences are known, but haven't been well-studied.”, he wrote to me in an e-mail.

“Surprisingly, orgasm itself is quite understudied. Think about the many people, usually female, who ‘don't know if they've had an orgasm or not.’ There are just now starting to be some researchers who are studying orgasm, and physiological indicators, who may be able to help better understand their experiences. Initial research suggests that what many people call orgasms, may not be consistent with what we believe are orgasms. Now, this is not to replicate the bad old days, where clitoral orgasms were called ‘immature.’ Instead, as we are learning more, particularly about female anatomy and the clitoris, for instance, we are learning more about how sexual arousal works, and connects to orgasm.”

Top exercises to induce coregasm

Ready to try out a mind-blowing coregasm? As is with everything, the more awareness you put in the exercise, the better it is. Here are some exercises that can easily lead you to a coregasm:


Pull up is the ultimate core workout. Hold the bar with a firm grip, your thumb over the bar, concentrate on your core, and engage your scapula and shoulder muscles as you pull yourself up.

Knee Tucks

If you want your pleasure spots to be throbbing with exciting sensations, knee tucks are definitely for you. For this, hang from a bar, make a shape with your legs as if you are sitting, and then get your knees close to your body as you tuck them. Doing this move 3-4 times will be enough to induce a coregasm.


Photo Credits: MCAS Iwakuni

This one is the ultimate best if you want prolonged coregasms. Hold on to a parallel bar, arms of a sturdy chair, or edges of two tables, with your arms parallel to each other and your body in between, and slowly lower your body down with knees back and in the air. 

Ab Crunches

This one has a surprise element to it. Lie down with your back completely to the floor, and bend your knees with feet to the ground, as you engage your core. Now, quickly bring your head to your knees, relax, and repeat.

How to deal with the embarrassment?

What do you suggest I should have done in my gym when I was red with embarrassment?

Well, Dr. Ley has some advice for you. 

“Shame about sex, and sexual pleasure, are the mindkillers. Shame leads us to hate ourselves and creates pain and suffering from things, such as orgasm, that have no negative consequences. A lot of that shame emerges from deep-seated cultural rejection of pleasure, and especially sensual physical pleasure. Enjoying your body and physical pleasure doesn't make you a lesser person, baser, or less ‘pure.’ It simply makes you human.”

As for humor, it is a wonderful way to cope, he says.  “Humor is a good way to defuse this shame - I remember an old joke about a woman who had orgasms every time she sneezed. Aghast, a friend asked her what she was taking for the problem? Pepper she replied…”

However, getting there can take time. What you can do is try and prevent the coregasms if you do not feel secure. One way is to try consciously keeping your legs apart - stiff and locked still at the knees, to give a breather to those sensations and not aggravate it. 

And if you do not have a coregasm, do not fret, for these core exercises will ensure good blood flow and enhance your sex life! 

Photo by emy on Unsplash


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