Chapter 9: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

Author :- Maria van Daarten Feb. 27, 2021, 4:03 p.m.
Chapter 9: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Diary of a Call Girl

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It is Friday morning. Today my ad appears in Athens World for the first time. Although I know better than to expect too much, I cannot help being excited. After an extensive breakfast, I start packing my bag for work. In addition to the regular items I carry around in my handbag every day, I also pack my black lace bra and panty set, a striped sexy bodysuit whose light fabric barely covers my breasts and pubic area, and black strapless stockings that complement both outfits. In a small transparent toiletry bag, I put five normal and five extra-large condoms, a small bottle of massage oil, lube gel, a small black vibrator, and a flexible medium-size silicone dildo. After looking longer than usual through my wardrobe, I finally choose a red cotton pencil skirt, a black top with spaghetti straps, and black high heels. Although attired in this manner will probably attract attention, it also allows me to make hotel and home visits without rubbing my profession in everyone’s face. Taking one last glance in the mirror, I leave my hotel room satisfied.


I stop by the front desk and ask Spiros if there is a laundromat nearby. He tells me arrangements can be made through the hotel to have my clothes laundered. – Once in Piraeus’ town square, I head to one of the peripteros to buy a copy of Athens World. At the next sidewalk café, I sit down at a small round metal table and order a Diet Coke. Even though I am anxious to read my ad, I scan each page of the newspaper until I arrive at the ‘Escort’ classified section. What do you know, there it is! My ad that will allow me to create a new life for myself:

‘Very attractive and charming lady from Germany would like to meet a generous gentleman. Tel. No.:69978 69 22 69’

Quickly scanning the column, I discover my ad listed last in the section. That, I believe, is beneficial because the first and last ones are the most prominent. All ads are numbered and in alphabetical order. Taking the time to read each of the thirty-two ads thoroughly, I conclude that I did quite well with the way I phrased mine!

Satisfied, I contemplate about what to do with the rest of the day. Finding a suntan studio is not necessary yet. It can wait another couple of days. One possibility would be to go back to my hotel room and wait for the phone to ring. —Or, I could take the subway to the city center and window-shop in the shade department stores and shops provide. If someone calls for an appointment, I would be centrally located, able to reach any one of Athens’ suburbs in the same amount of time. Therefore, the city center seems to be the best place to spend the afternoon.

In case my phone does ring, I have already thought of what I am going to say about myself and the services I provide: I am 35, blonde with blue eyes. I make hotel or home visits. I charge 150 euros for one hour, 250 for two hours. Anal sex costs an extra 50. For an entire evening, I charge 600. As long as my phone rings, I am available. My general working hours start at 6 a.m. until 3 a.m. I only practice safe sex. I only agree to oral sex without a condom after inspecting the specimen. I decide if kissing is permitted. It all depends on his appearance and odor. — Although I have a rough outline in my head, I also know I will be confronted with wishes I have not thought of yet. Regardless, I know my preferences and boundaries. As I play out possible conversations in my head, my phone rings. Both nervous and excited, I look around to make sure I am out of earshot of other guests in the café. Since no one is in my immediate vicinity, I answer the call. It registers as an unknown number.



“Yes. Who’s this?”

“It’s Richard. Can you come over today?”

“Oh, hi, Richard darling. How are you? Of course I can come over. Are you at home?”

“Yes, but I’ll meet you downstairs in the café. Are you coming now?”

“Richard, I need about an hour to get to Syntagma Square. Which café are you going to be at?”

“The one to the right of my building’s front door. You’ll see me. See you soon. Kisses, sweetie.”

“Okay, until then, kisses, darling!”

How nice of Richard to actually call! I am happy — a fantastic surprise! I neatly fold my copy of Athens World and shove it into my large handbag. I glance at my wristwatch to get an idea of what time it will be once I arrive at Syntagma Square. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the harbor. The subway ride takes another 20-30 minutes including switching trains. So, there is no need to rush. It is important to be relaxed and look my best when I join Richard!

After reaching the inner city, I walk to his apartment building and notice he is standing at the café counter next door waving at me. I gesture for him to come outside. We greet each other with fleeting kisses on the cheeks and he insists we first have a drink. I am really not up for it, but I cannot think of anything to dissuade him. With no other appointments or in a hurry, I relent and indulge him. We go inside and Richard introduces me to the woman behind the counter:

“This is Anika, my girlfriend from Germany!” he brags and puts his arm around my shoulders. I am angry at myself for playing along with his stupid game; however, I do not want to cause a scene. Richard asks what I want to drink.

“A Greek coffee, please,” I say.

By the time Richard lights up a second cigarette, I try to talk him into leaving the café.

“Richard!” I whisper in his ear, “drink up and let’s go. I want you to fuck me, baby!”

“Oh, yes! I’m hot for you, Anika! Just a minute longer, then we’ll go.”

I hope he is serious. I try to relax. Richard chats with the waitress in Greek. Naturally, I cannot understand a word of their conversation. Another reminder of how important it is for me to learn Greek. I cannot expect every Greek man who calls to speak passable English. Therefore, I have lots to do! In this profession, money does not simply land in your lap. I take another sip of my Greek coffee and lightly nudge Richard. He finishes his frappe and pays. Finally! From now on, I must have more patience, regardless if he only pays me 70 euros. Now I have to pretend I have all the time in the world. After entering his penthouse apartment, I walk straight out onto the sizeable rooftop terrace and marvel at the view. Richard follows and stands beside me.

“Do you want to get fucked now?” he asks bluntly.

“Yes,” I reply and turn toward him. I touch his strong upper arms and assume they must have been even bigger back when he was training:

“You’re such a handsome, strong man, Richard. Come on, let’s go to your office.”

Richard follows and asks:

“Do you like me, Anika?”

“Yes, Richard. I regret I never saw you in the ring. I’m quite flattered to be fucked by a former boxing champion.”

While speaking, I remove my top and place it on the desk chair like before. Richard stands in front of me, intimately watching as I shimmy out of my skirt. Dressed only in a skimpy black bra and thong, I walk over to the couch in front of the wall.

“Come and sit over here, baby.”

“Yes, Anika. I’ll do whatever you want. God, you’re so beautiful. Just looking at you makes me wanna come.”

Secretly, I smile. Richard is like a big kid. I do not know if it is due to the stroke he suffered, the numerous blows to the head, or if he has always acted in this manner. As he sits on the couch, he opens the zipper of his pants and pushes them down in one swift movement until the waistband catches on his knees. I take off my bra and straddle him. Tentatively, he touches and caresses my breasts. I steady myself with one hand on one of his broad shoulders while the other reaches behind to grab his proud member. Yes, his little weenie is already hard.

While rubbing and lightly squeezing it, I feel him attaining a higher state of arousal. In order to maintain this level of sexual tension for a while longer, I get up, remove my panties, and set them aside. I help Richard remove his pants and underwear. With my legs slightly apart, I sit sideways on one of Richard’s thighs and place one arm around his shoulders. As he seems clueless, I guide one of his big hands to my crotch. He is visibly surprised at the invitation to touch me there and cannot stop staring at my pussy.

One of his thick fingers gently probes. Becoming bolder, he unsuccessfully tries to insert a finger into my slit. He is simply too clumsy. I get up, grab a condom, and roll it over his boner. Clueless, he does not know what to do with his hands. I straddle him again, but this time I slide further down so his erection enters my pussy and I start fucking him. I move up and down slowly. Since his hands still lie limply next to his body, I grab and place them on my breasts. He gently caresses them and starts wheezing. I take it as a sign to speed up my movements and start riding him faster. I feel his cock twitching in my pussy. Not long now and he will come.

Instead of holding him back, I ride him even faster. Abruptly, the moment arrives. While coming in the rubber, he thrusts his pelvis upward and at the same time lifts me. He was lightning quick again! Once he is finished, my right hand reaches between my legs to ensure the condom is still in place. Everything is fine! Grabbing hold of both of his cock and rubber, I slowly dismount the softening champion. With his eyes closed, Richard relaxes against the back of the couch. I get up and kiss him on the forehead.

“That was extraordinary, Richard — you’re an incredibly strong man and your cock is magnificent!” I flatter him. I see he enjoys my compliment and believes me. Gently, I roll off the condom and take it with me to the bathroom for disposal. By the time I shower and return, Richard has put his pants back on. As I dress, he asks:

“Do you feel like going out to eat with me, Anika?”

“Oh, darling! That’s sweet of you to invite me to dinner, but I have other plans. Maybe next time, okay?”

“All right, we’ll do it another time. Maybe next time I call you?”

“Yes, we might do that, providing I have time!”

He gets up, fishes for his wallet in the back pocket of his pants, and pulls out a 50 and a 20-euro bill.

“Your present,” he says, handing me the bills. I refrain from reminding him about the five euros he owes me from the first time. I do not want to come across as being petty. I pocket the money and say: “Thank you, Richard!” and give him a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

“Enjoy the rest of the day, darling, see you soon!”

He accompanies me to the apartment door. I walk down the stairs and turn around one last time. He throws me a kiss.

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